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Ceiling heating and cooling

Teporis dry installation

Ideal for new builds and renovation projects

The Uponor Teporis gypsum panel combines the speed of dry-wall techniques with the benefits of ceiling heating. The active panels consist of a reinforced, flame-retardant 15 mm plasterboard panel with an EPS thermal insulation layer that improves performance, while at the same time reducing heat loss. Uponor's tried-and-tested air tight pipes are pre-installed in these panels.
uponor teporis ceiling heating and cooling

Uponor Teporis in a nutshell

  • Rooms can be heated and cooled without noisy fans
  • Suitable for use in both new builds and renovation
  • System can be used with renewable energy sources
  • Reaction to fire: B-1,0 (tested according to Standard EN 13501-1:2007)

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