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New online format kicks off on 28th of October

Uponor "Live Talks" to Kick Off end of October

Uponor is hosting a free series of digital events called “Live talks” in the coming months. The new online format kicks off on 28th of October busting common myths about heat interface units in the first episode.
On October 28th 2021 at 10:00h, Uponor will kick off its new “Live Talk” online series with an episode on decentralised hot water generation. In 60-minute sessions held in English, Uponor and industry experts working in sectors like planning, architecture, or installation discuss relevant industry topics and share insights on current trends. The discussion is opened up to the audience through a live chat feature and Q&A sessions. The Live Talks are specifically tailored to Uponor’s commercial customers. Viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions, and schedule follow-up meetings with Uponor sales representatives for more in-depth questions directly on the platform. The second and third Live Talk will air in December 2021 and January 2022.

Live Talk #1: Busting common Myths about Heat Interface units

The first Live Talk will address common myths and misconceptions about heat interface units (HIU), like concerns about higher costs, maintenance requirements, or topics like energy efficiency and drinking water hygiene. International HVAC professionals will explore the topic from different angles based on their experience in various disciplines: Uponor’s experts will discuss with German planner Michael Kirchner from the building engineering company IBK Haustechnik, developer Torsten Kai-Larsen from SBU Framtid in Sweden, and the Spanish installation company Castellana de Instalaciones CIMESA. what is really true about these myths.

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New platform Uponor Campus to feature ideas, trends, and solutions

The Live Talks pre-empt the launch of a new digital platform: The Uponor Campus is set to go live in early 2022 and will open a new chapter in the digital exchange between the company and its customers. The new digital all-in-one communication channel will bundle online events, a variety of free e-learning courses as well as product trainings, and give customers easy and direct access to the company’s experts for professional advice.