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Jubilee Wharf, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Jubilee Wharf

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Cornwall, United Kingdom
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Рік завершення будівництва: 2007

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Once again Uponor Ltd has found itself at the forefront of sustainable technology, this time at the impressive Jubilee Wharf in Cornwall. The £3m project is the creation of Bill Dunster Architects, renowned for uniquely designed, environmentally friendly buildings. The whole project, built by Midas Construction, will cover 1,800 square meters incorporating wood pellet boilers, solar powered water heating system, a passive ventilation system and four wind turbines to generate its own electricity.

The project has caused quite a stir in the West Country, but either love it or hate it Jubilee Wharf is a significant breakthrough in ecological and sustainable energy that could lead the way for future developments.

All the main construction materials were obtained from recyclable sources with the aim of making the building completely carbon neutral. 'Project Heating' installed a combination of Uponor's flexible PEX (polyethylene cross linked) and MLC (Multi-Layer Composite) pipe to supply heating and water to all of the development's 12 workshops, 6 flats, offices, nursery, café and yoga studio. It was important that the pipework supplied was versatile to meet BBA and WRAS approval, and could be used in a number of difficult applications throughout the project.

Jubilee Wharf


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Інформація про проєкт

United Kingdom
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Andrew Marston, Robotmother Developments

Bill Dunster Architects

Project Heating

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