Представництво Uponor в Україні
просп. Миру, б.15, оф.405
м. Київ, Україна
Журнал референс об'єктів Uponor

Журнал референс об'єктів Uponor

Референс об'єкти з різних куточків Європи


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Vacation station

In the new design hotel in Dahn-Reichenbach, railroad fans get their money's worth. The comfort is also impressive: Uponor Klett underfloor heating and Uponor Unipipe PLUS multilayer composite pipes ensure a good indoor climate and clean drinking water.


Clayton Hotel

Uponor supplies industry-leading multi-layered plumbing systems for the offsite construction of bathroom PODs for a £60m Clayton Hotel development in Manchester city centre.


SPA Vilnius Anykščiai wellness and relaxation center

The Anykščiai wellness and relaxation center is a modern SPA situated on 4 ha of land near the Forest of Anykščiai known for its beauty and unspoiled nature.


Zugspitz Resort, Ehrwald

The Zugspitz Resort nestled at the foot of the Wetterstein mountains relies on Uponor products and know-how for its underfloor heating and cooling ceiling systems


Novum Hotel Bruy

Hotel modernisation resulting in energy efficiency and comfort


Cavalier Hotel

See how a century-old luxury hotel receives a major renovation that includes an Uponor PEX plumbing system...


Zugspitz Resort, Ehrenwald

The Zugspitz Resort at the foot of the Wetterstein Mountains relies on Uponor's products and know-how when it comes to underfloor heating and chilled ceilings


Bavaria Motel

High level of comfort meets low energy costs


Aqua Dome - A Combination of Nature and Thermal Springs

Since 2004 a transparent building in the shape of a crystal and swimming pools shaped like satellites have been drawing a daily total of up to 900 visitors, all seeking well-being, to Längenfeld.