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Chicken hatchery plant, Uraiújfalu,

Chicken hatchery plant, Uraiújfalu

Professional chicken hatching: application of Uponor multi-layer riser (RS) system in agriculture
At Uraiújfalu, 20 km from Sárvár, the construction of a hatchery plant was initiated in 2013. Chicken hatching has been providing a living for more than 40 years in the village. The aim of the investment is to implement the largest up-to-date hatchery plant in Europe, along with creating job opportunities.

Uraiújfalu, Hungary
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The construction was carried out in less than a year, and the festive ribbon cutting ceremony was held in the spring of 2014. A European Union grant of 769.059.575 Ft was utilized for the construction.

Uponor multi-layer piping system has been used throughout the plant for the installation of both the technological cooling/heating systems and the water supply and heating systems of the social areas. These pipes merge the beneficial properties of plastics and metals. This system offers overall solution for different fields of application, providing that a single system has to be used and stocked for the installation of different technical solutions. Therefore, significant amount of time can be saved during preparation and purchasing, as only one supplier has to be contacted. Safety, comfort, health and sustainability were the most significant criteria during the development of the products. The Uponor system had been chosen for the given task by the constructor, because of its wide dimension range (16-110 mm), easy fitting and last but not least its favourable price-value ratio.

The new building was established on the verge of Uraiújfalu, on 3800 m2. The plant operates as an industrial chicken hatchery with yearly production of: 32 million hatched eggs, and 12 million baby pullets. During the hatchery process, eggs need heating at first, then in the subsequent phase they need cooling. This process is supported by the Uponor multi-layer riser system (RS), up to 110 mm diameter.

Cooling is provided by outdoor chillers via the buffer tanks in the energy station. The two gas boilers providing the heating of the building are also located in the energy station. These devices provide the heating and cooling of the building along with the energy needed for the technology. The special egg incubators are cooled and heated. Pre- and postincubators are distinguished in the hatchery process. The Uponor RS pipes were installed in open space, in the upper section of the hall and upon the incubators. As a result of its modularity, the system can be fitted on a workbench, which was a great advantage when choosing the system. The workers do not have to balance in heights with the press fitting tool in hand while fitting, they only have to place the press fitting into the fixture. This can save serious amount of time and energy during construction.

Using Uponor RS fittings, only 27 different elements of them were needed to construct the system. At the beginning of the hatchery project, this was a crucial factor when choosing the applicable piping system. Using Uponor RS system, the client and the constructor had significantly less storage costs compared to concurrent technical solutions. The fitters liked this solution, as any changes of track or dimension could have been carried out quickly and economically prior to the pressure tests.

The system took the test perfectly after the construction of the building, and thousands of chicks has hatched since the opening of this plant constructed with Uponor RS system.

Chicken hatchery plant, Uraiújfalu

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