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Regional Perinatal Center,

Regional Perinatal Center

National Project "New Life - New Quality of Maternity and Childhood " implements the State Agency for Investment and National Projects . The project is implemented on the initiative of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and implemented by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine , National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine , local government and the All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization " Victor Pinchuk Foundation - a social initiative ." He planned to create a national network of perinatal centers of medical institutions III level . Advanced equipment , high level of medical training doctors Obstetricians and neonatologists can significantly reduce maternal , infant mortality and disability.
Regional Hospital in Cherkasy,  Regional Perinatal Center,  is scheduled to be opened in Junuary 2014.

Cherkassy, Ukraine
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Over 2 years in the framework of the National Project "New Life" perinatal centers have opened in 11 regions of Ukraine .

Company "Cherkasymiskbud" plans to build Perinatal Center the shortest time from July 2013 to January 2014.

The total capacity of the Cherkasy Perinatal Center is 100 beds. A newly built medical center will be equipped with the most modern equipment. The first floor will be located obstetric emergency department , two operating and delivery rooms , seven , among them - six individual and one individual maternity box for pregnant women and mothers with infectious diseases. On the second floor - Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care with methods of efferent therapy for 6 beds in third - postpartum stay compliant department with 30 beds , and the fourth - a branch office of intensive care for newborn to 10 beds , intensive care unit 6 beds room for urgent telemedicine consultations and chamber 2 beds for mothers stay without children.

The center will employ about 215 people , which will provide adoption in 2050 deliveries per year .

Regional Perinatal Center

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