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Uponor MLCP and PEX pipes environmental impact compared to Copper pipes

The supply of clean drinking water has always been essential for businesses, public institutions and mainly households. Unfortunately, water is vulnerable to pollution and drinking water continues to be exposed to numerous hazardous pollutants and harmful substances.

Today, polymer pipes and copper are the main systems used to transport water within a building but do you know which system offers a sustainable solution?

According to TEPPFA (The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Associations) plastic pipe systems offer a sustainable future. Due to their numerous benefits, polymer pipe systems support the municipalities and utility companies by delivering outstanding performance at every point of the water cycle.

At Uponor, our sustainability strategy is built on the ‘United Nation Sustainable Development goals’ (SDG), where we prioritise and support the ‘clean water and sanitation goal’ through our plumbing and wastewater systems and installation technologies, which meet the water quality requirements. Uponor MLCP and PEX pipes have a lower environmental impact across the whole product life-cycle which reduces the carbon footprint of the building, compared to copper.

The table below makes a clear comparison between Copper with Polymer ML & PEX and determines their environmental impacts. It clearly shows that MLC & PEX pipes outperform copper in all environment performance category.

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