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District Heating Networks

What are District Heat Networks?

Quite simply, a district heat network can be described as being  "a network of pre-insulated pipes which supply hot water from an energy centre to an end users home, commercial property or any other multiple residency dwellings". The energy sources can vary, but they tend to be either a power station, biomass/biogas fueled boilers or a heat pump.

A larger district heat network can supply hot water to a whole community in an energy efficient way. For example, heat is not wasted along the network as supply can be directed towards an area in high demand. An overall network can be increased where necessary by adding more heat sources.

According to the Association of Decentralised Energy (ADE), there are over 17,000 heat networks in the UK and this figure is set to rise with the government committing over £320 million of funding in the next few years to grow heat networks.

Energy Plan provide a guide on how District Heating Schemes work

What are the benefits of District Heating Networks?

There are multiple benefits of District Heating Networks. Some of the key advantages are summarised below:


Overall savings can be achieved, as less electricity is required as a power source. Utilising Uponor UK's Ecoflex Pre-insulated pipes will also lead to cost savings in comparison to steel pipes for all parties.

Environmentally friendly

According to the ADE, heat networks can reduce carbon emissions in buildings by around 0.7m tonnes of CO2 each year. This is due to the fact that less heat is wasted.

Security of supply

As a district heating network utilises multiple energy sources, there is a greater continuity of supply and less risk of failure

Useful resources about District Heating Systems

ADE infographic on heat networks

ADE infographic on heat networks

Understand the heat network market and potential benefits

ADE Market Report 2018

ADE Market Report 2018

The ADE provide a report into heat networks within the UK


Did you know Uponor UK supply Pre-insulated pipes for District Heat Networks?



Ecoflex is our range of pre-insulated pipes, which provide a flexible method for supplying hot water within a district heating network. What's more, they offer up to a 40 % improvement in heat losses in comparison to alternatives.

Connecting a Heat Interface Unit to pre-insulated pipe within a home can result in further energy savings

Uponor combi port B10003P

Heat Interface Units

Find out more about how you can benefit from up to 40% energy savings in your home by installing a Heat Interface Unit.