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Uponor Eestis
Osmussaare 8 A3, 13811, Tallinn
Täitevkomitee liige, Building Solutions – Europe uuendatud juhtimisstruktuur

Uponor Corporation'i uueks Tehnoloogiajuhiks saab Thomas Fuhr

Olulise sammuna oma strateegia edasiviimisel teatab Uponor Corporation erinevatest organisatsioonilistest muudatustest, mis jõustuvad 1. oktoobril 2022.

  • Thomas Fuhr (M.Sc.) asub tööle tehnoloogiajuhi (CTO) ja täitevkomitee liikmena
  • New Technology osakond vastutab innovatsiooni, jätkusuutlikkuse, tootmise ja tarneahela eest
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  • Thomas Fuhr (M.Sc.) to take on role as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and member of the Executive Committee 
  • New Technology organisation will be responsible for innovation, sustainability, manufacturing, and the supply chain

Increased customer focus in Building Solutions – Europe’s organisational structure

The Finland-based Uponor Corporation has appointed Thomas Fuhr (M.Sc., Mech. Eng., b. 1965) Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and member of the Executive Committee at. He is set to take on his new role on October 1, 2022 and will lead a newly formed Technology organisation designed to accelerate innovation as well as drive manufacturing efficiency and supply chain resilience. The Technology organisation will provide operational support for the Building Solutions – Europe division and focus on innovation and sustainability worldwide, while also driving cross-division collaboration of the manufacturing and supply chain functions. Fuhr will be based in Germany and report to Michael Rauterkus, President and CEO, Uponor Corporation.
Fuhr has more than 30 years of professional experience from both the sanitation and the automotive industry. He joins Uponor from Grohe AG, where he has held various leadership roles since 2013. Most recently he served as co-CEO, responsible for R&D, procurement, the supply chain, quality, safety, and manufacturing. Prior to this, Fuhr worked at Mercedes Benz for more than 20 years where he led teams and improved processes in purchasing, R&D, quality, logistics, and production.
I am delighted to welcome Thomas Fuhr to Uponor and strengthen the Executive Committee with his manufacturing expertise. With him, Uponor has gained a strong, forward-thinking leader, familiar with all aspects of manufacturing, supply chain, and innovation in an international setting. His leadership will be essential in driving sustainable innovation, efficiency, and resilience throughout our organisation,” says Michael Rauterkus. “The new Technology organisation that he will lead is central to our growth strategy, as it will enhance our customer focus, tap significant potential in our R&D pipeline, and drive value creation through operational efficiencies.”
Updated leadership and organisational structure for Building Solutions – Europe
In order to enable an increased focus on the customers of the Building Solutions – Europe (BLD-E) division and commercial growth in Europe and other emerging international markets, BLD-E’s operational functions, including manufacturing and supply chain, will move to the company’s new Technology organisation, led by CTO Thomas Fuhr.
In addition, Uponor is set to appoint a Senior Vice President BLD-E, who will report to President and CEO Michael Rauterkus, and who will be responsible for the division’s commercial functions. This new leadership structure replaces the role of the President, Building Solutions – Europe that was previously an Executive Committee role.
The updated organisational structure will have no impact on the external financial reporting of the divisions.