WehoPuts 400 -pienpuhdistamo Kaukosen kylässä Kittilässä

WehoPuts 400 treatment plant in Kaukonen village in Kittilä

Life is grand for graylings in the pure waters of Ounasjoki River

Located in Finnish Lapland, on the Ounasjoki River, the village of Kaukonen now treats its wastewater with a new WehoPuts 400 treatment plant. As in many rural areas, long distances make village treatment plants a more sensible alternative than transporting wastewater tens of kilometres to the nearest town.
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Jouni Seppälä and Jouni Ojanperä have their hands full at the time of this interview in October. A WehoPuts 400 treatment plant has just been installed in the village. Now, the two men want to finish bypassing the last old, out-of-date septic tanks before winter’s arrival.

“You better believe we pay full attention to the weather report every night”, explains Ojanpera, who is an excavator operator. “We’ve worked long days. Now, the darkness is starting to slow things down. In the summer up here we can work day and night”, he laughs.

“But, I’m not bothered if winter gets here first. We’ll just pick up where we left off in the spring. Most of the work is already done – the treatment plant is already up and running”, adds Seppala.

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