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Partnership between Uponor and ReMoni

Partnership to accelerate decarbonization in the housing industry

Uponor develops Energy-Efficiency-as-a-Service (EEaaS) in partnership with European start-up ReMoni to accelerate sustainability in the housing industry.
  • Joint development with Danish IoT technology start-up
  • Service to save energy and lower CO2 emissions in residential buildings
  • Universal plug-and-play concept without impact on resident’s behaviour 
Uponor is taking the next step in addressing decarbonization in the housing industry by signing a development partnership with Danish start-up ReMoni.

The joint development will launch an energy-efficiency service for managing, automating and increasing the performance of various heating systems. The service will therefore enable owners and managers to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in their buildings.

The development of digital services based on industry and technology ‘megatrends’ forms an integral part of Uponor’s overall strategy for accelerating its penetration into the multi-family housing market segment and creating subscription-based revenue streams.

The main goal of the partnership is to develop a comprehensive plug-and-play energy optimization solution, using IoT and AI technologies for residential buildings. By implementing this cloud-based service, customers will be able to better control their heating systems, thereby steering their building constructions towards future CO2 emission targets, all without impacting housing comfort.

In addition, the project will develop monitoring solutions to prevent malfunctions linked to heat and water wastage. Based on this alliance, ReMoni will perform pilot testing in residential buildings in Denmark in real-time, under indoor and outdoor conditions – with the goal of optimizing heating systems on the basis of non-invasive IoT sensor and AI technology.

We are excited to partner with ReMoni in developing this new energy-monitoring service. It is a consistent next step for Uponor in our commitment to making buildings more sustainable,” says Karsten Hoppe, President of Uponor Building Solutions Europe.With its broad portfolio of radiant heating and cooling solutions, and the recent launch of bio-based PEX pipes, Uponor is aiming for the reduction of CO2 footprints in buildings and for our customers.”

Bo Eskerod Madsen, CEO of ReMoni, added, “We are happy to have Uponor at our side,  benefiting from our sensor and AI knowhow. In return, we get to take advantage of Uponor’s unrivalled competence in building energy management. The two of us will be able to better help customers achieve a new level of energy efficiency for their buildings.”

About ReMoni
ReMoni is a tech start-up with a strong and experienced development team. With numerous prizes, large public funded projects, ReMoni developed a patented solution for comprehensive monitoring and optimizing buildings and production, using IoT clamp-on sensors connected with cloud AI. The target is to prove that we can fight the global climate crisis and even save money while doing so. The initiatives are based on the UN's 17 World Goals for Sustainable Development. ReMoni’s story begins with a small group of environmental enthusiasts who wanted to contribute to the climate challenges by making it easier and cheaper to monitor technical installations. It started back in 2014, and ever since, ReMoni has been growing thanks to international funding and investors.
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