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At home on the move

People who travel a lot, whether for business or pleasure, want to feel comfortable wherever they spend the night. That's why modern hotels offer their guests more than just a bed for the night. Restaurants, shops, sports facilities, spa areas and spacious lobbies for meeting up with people are now regarded as standard. A clearly sophisticated ambience is just as important as unseen energy-efficient technology for hygienic tap water, as well as comfortable heating and cooling solutions with room temperature controls.

Hygienic, flexible tap water delivery

  • System solutions for a perfectly hygienic tap water service
  • Hygiene control system and loop installation
  • Easy planning, installation and control with components from a single source
  • Legionella prevention
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How does radiant heating work?

Renowned expert Prof. Stefano P. Corgnati of the Polytechnic University of Turin offers an easy-to-understand explanation of the advantages of Uponor radiant heat distribution solutions.

Energy-efficient heating and cooling technology

  • Maximum comfort for hotel guests
  • Invisible, energy-efficient solution
  • The ideal way to integrate renewable energies
  • Reliable, proven products
  • Precisely reacting control
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Newest release: Global Cost study for different HVAC solutions in hotels

Comparative assessment of radiant heating and cooling solutions vs fan coil units.

  • Global Cost savings of up to 59% after 15 years with Uponor radiant heating and cooling solutions
  • Up to 42% reduction in CO2 compared to conventional fan coil units
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Modern hotels rely on Uponor

Uponor solutions meet all the requirements for efficient building technology and guarantee top class comfort in hotels. The range of services covers all phases of a project, from the initial feasibility study to customer service. The overview lists the most important topics for hotels.

Modern hotels rely on Uponor

You will find an overview of all solutions for other types of buildings here:

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Superior hotels build on Uponor

Superior hotels build on Uponor

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