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Heating and plumbing solutions for multi family homes

Multi family homes

Modern multi family homes for more urban living comfort

The number of people on the earth is continuously growing and there will be more and more mega cities with several million inhabitants. As a consequence, the demand for living space increases. The increasing shortage of resources will also substantially change our way of living. Other trends, such as the digital transformation and an ageing population pose new challenges for buildings for residential and office buildings. Multi family homes will characterise the urban environment even more in the future. The single-family homes will here become less important. With their systems for hygienic drinking water delivery and for cooling and heating Uponor contributes to a better quality of life.

Animation: Uponor solutions in multi family homes

Discover the range of Uponor. Our video animation shows you in which areas of multi family homes you can install the products and use them in an energy-efficient manner.

Radiant heating and cooling

uponor heating and cooling underfloor heating
  • Invisible, energy-efficient and sustainable solutions, e.g. by means of condensing boilers and solar thermal energy)
  • High degree of comfort for a pleasant feeling in multi family homes
  • High reliability and low maintenance costs
  • 10 year warranty
  • Ideally suited for the use of regenerative energies, particularly in combination with a heat pump
  • For multi family homes, heating systems can be easily integrated in the construction process.

Optimum drinking water hygiene

  • Concepts for a perfectly hygienic drinking water delivery
  • Complete solutions for multi family homes from one supplier
  • Corrosion-free systems for modern multi family homes
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Technical support in all project phases
uponor multi family living drinking water delivery

Local heating systems

uponor pre insulated pipes
  • Individual connections for heating water, drinking water, cooling water and waste water
  • Connection to a heat pump by means of pre-insulated pipe systems
  • Time-saving and efficient installation even under the most difficult on-site conditions
  • Convenient connection technology, combining durability and robustness

Modern multi family homes rely on Uponor

Uponor solutions meet all the requirements for efficient building technology and guarantees top class comfort to the home in multi family homes. The range of services covers all phases of a project, from the initial feasibility study to customer service. The overview lists the most important topics for multi family homes.

Modern multi family homes rely on Uponor

You will find an overview of all system solutions for other types of buildings here:

Modern multi-family homes build on Uponor

Modern multi-family homes build on Uponor

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