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Sports facilities make people feel good

Whether it's indoors in a sports hall, outdoors on the grass or on the ice rink – many people take part in sport in their spare time or visit events to experience many different sports as a spectator. Athletes and spectators have different requirements. The construction of sports and leisure facilities therefore places stringent demands on the technical building equipment. Uponor offers suitable efficient solutions for heating and cooling as well as for drinking water delivery in sports facilities.

Sports and sprung floor heating

  • Design variants for every floor construction
  • High thermal comfort thanks to optimum room temperatures
  • Can be combined with renewable energy sources
  • Unobstructed and protected against damage
  • Low installation, operation and maintenance costs
  • DIN Certco certification for all systems and floor structures

Lawn heating

  • Year-round usability of grass whatever the weather
  • Design variants for every floor construction
  • Extension of the grass growth phase
  • Corrosion-free all-plastic system from the distribution unit to the heating surface

Drinking water delivery solutions with hygiene control system

  • Pipe network with smallest possible water content for good water exchange
  • Safe, reliable and easy to install
  • Minimises the risk of contamination, even if not used for long periods of time, e.g. during holiday periods
  • Perfectly hygienic from the delivery point to the tapping point
uponor sport facilities hygienic drinking water derlivery

Efficient solutions for sport facilities

As a specialist, Uponor offers energy-efficient solutions for floors. They include sports and sprung floor heating as well as lawn heating systems, which guarantee the year-round usability of grass whatever the weather.

Efficient solutions for sport facilities

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Innovative ideas for sports facilities

Water: Hygienically installed

Uponor is a member of the IAKS (International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities)

Energy concept: "Sieben Welten Therme & Spa Resort".

Energy concept: "Sieben Welten Therme & Spa Resort".

Lawn heating system: Brno, Czech Republic

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