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GF Building Flow Solutions Sustainability Review 2023

GF Building Flow Solutions Sustainability Review 2023

2023 saw the year of implementation of our sustainability agenda

GF Building Flow Solutions releases its Sustainability Review 2023

GF Building Flow Solutions (former Uponor) has published the company’s Sustainability Review 2023. In the year 2023, the company firmed still as Uponor. Going forward, its sustainability efforts will be part of Georg Fischer’s sustainability reporting. The now published review, prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards and assured by an independent third party, details Uponor’s ambition, work, and achievements in sustainability throughout the year, as well as highlights people leading sustainability development in different parts of the organization.

The year 2023 saw the implementation of our sustainability agenda, which was formulated together with clients, customers, employees, and other key stakeholders. Our ambition is to lead the construction industry towards net zero, while decarbonising the way we do business. We have a strong track record of advancing sustainable innovations in our industry and 2023 was no exception. Uponor produced the world’s first circular PEX pipe based on our own production waste in collaboration with our partners, got validation for our new greenhouse gas emission reduction targets from the Science Based Targets initiative, and celebrated our factory in Nastola, Finland, achieving full carbon neutrality in its own operations.
“Our industry has a strong influence on sustainable ways of life. With our products and systems, we want to continuously reduce the CO2 footprint of buildings. On the one hand, our innovation focus lies in making our products easy to use and, on the other hand, making the production and materials of our products even more sustainable,” says Michael Rauterkus, President of GF Building Flow Solutions.
“To support our commitment to leading the construction industry towards net zero by example, we have created a Carbon Neutral Factory concept, which highlights our efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Our objective is to replicate the concept in our other factories.”

Sustainability and innovation at the core

GF Building Flow Solutions is committed to finding new ways to conserve, manage and provide water responsibly. “The combination of Uponor and GF products and solutions allows us to serve our existing and new customers even better and help them making an impact. Our shared sustainability approach is ambitious, holistic, and strategic. We are well-positioned to seize the opportunities created by the growing demand for energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, as well as for sustainable systems for safe and clean water,” says Michael Rauterkus. “As we continue our sustainability journey, I want to express my gratitude to all our stakeholders for the excellent cooperation and outstanding achievements. My warmest thanks go especially to all our employees for their uncompromised sustainability commitment.”

Uponor Combi Port and Aqua Port for decentralized hot water supply

100 % drinking water quality, 40 % energy savings and 30 % faster installation: Uponor Combi Port and Aqua Port heat interface units for decentralized hot water supply and–depending on the model–for heating and cooling.

With the new completely pre-assembled Combi Port and Aqua Port heat interface units, Uponor offers hygienic, energy-saving and efficient solutions for decentralized hot water supply and– depending on the model–for heating and cooling. The demand-based hot water supply reduces stagnation to a minimum, which leads to a significant reduction in the risk of legionella and thus ensures high drinking water quality. The on-demand supply leads to reduced energy consumption, as hot water does not have to be constantly supplied. The high degree of industrial prefabrication and quality of the Combi Port and Aqua Port models ensures enormous time savings in the planning and implementation phase.


Hygienic hot water supply

  • Comparison of decentralized and centralized concepts
  • Decentralized systems offer clear advantages for drinking water hygiene and energy consumption
  • With decentralized systems, project participants benefit from lower investment costs, planning reliability and shorter installation times

Top 100 Award for Uponor

We are honored to announce that Uponor GmbH from Haßfurt, since November 2023 part of the Swiss industrial company Georg Fischer AG (GF), has received the TOP 100 seal at the German SME Summit.

What lessons did we take away from season 2

Season 2 of The Urbanista has been a fascinating one, learning so much about many subjects from LCAs to EPDs, circularity, sustainability, and all about the new legislation and standards that we will soon have to manage. We wrapped the topics together so that in case you missed something, now it's a good chance to catch up on the most relevant topics of our industry.

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