The importance of comfort in the workplace

This articles explores the importance of comfort within the workplace and examines measures office managers can take


The importance of Comfort

In our latest blog piece. we explore the concept of comfort within the workplace and commercial properties  This is an extremely important topic, which can contribute towards staff happiness and productivity. In fact, the University of Warwick found that a happy workforce will increase its productivity by 12%.

With changes in health and safety regulations, the issue of comfort has climbed up the agenda for companies. Indeed, The Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales provided a summary of what workplaces can do to improve comfort. One of the suggestions to come out of the report was that a “well lit environment with suitable ventilation is imperative”.

To assist companies with providing a comfortable environment, Uponor UK have developed a range of heating and cooling products which provide ambient temperatures across all building types. You can find out more information about how these solutions contribute towards added comfort.
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Underfloor Heating

Unlike a radiator system, Underfloor heating distributes heat evenly to ensure a comfortable environment is provided. What’s more, Uponor supply a range of underfloor heating controls under the brand name Smatrix. Uponor Smatrix is a fully integrated control system for underfloor heating which utilises autobalancing technology and consequently supplies the correct amount of energy for optimal comfort at all times.

As part of the Smatrix offering, Uponor also supply a control panel which allows the end user to control the heating and cooling of 50 rooms. This is specifically ideal for multi-storey buildings
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Wall heating

Another alternative for ensuring a comfortable environment is provided for your office space is to install wall heating and cooling. Highly discrete, wall heating units dispense heat as radiation and this consequently creates a cosy environment.

There are a range of options which are offered in this area and they can all be installed in stud walls or on wall profiles. What's more, Uponor have a proven track record of delivering these solutions in new and renovated buildings, so you can rest assured you are in good hands!

As the heat is not dispensed as dry air, workers will benefit from an all round better climate.
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Ceiling heating and cooling

This is often the preferred choice for many office owners as it provides an architecturally sound, economic way of heating and cooling  an office space.

Under the brand name Varicool, Uponor are able to supply a range of  suspended chilled ceiling panels, which can be retrofitted into any office space. Each Varicool unit works with a radiation heating and cooling system to provide better indoor comfort, greater energy efficiency and a pleasant climate. It can also be combined with your lighting system to provide a slick finish.
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General Tips for enhancing comfort in the workplace:

  1. Ensure there is lots of natural light- proven to increase employee happiness and productivity
  2. Regularly check the temperature is at an optimal level
  3. Create a cosy environment by carefully arranging furniture. Also allow staff to have pictures at their desk
  4. In certain situations, play soothing music to relieve stress
  5. Create a break out area for workers to de-stress before and during permitted breaks.