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RTM (Ring Tension Memory) Technology - Uponor’s Answer to Push-Fit Connectors

RTM Technology – a leak-free mechanical connection that’s the best alternative to plastic pipe push-fit fittings

Close-up Illustration of Uponor’s RTM Technology Fitting

Uponor’s unique RTM (Ring Tension Memory) technology makes use of push fit that has the ‘tool-inside’ concept for a tool-free press connection.

Plastic push fit connections offer a quick and easy, professional press connection without the need for expensive tooling. They are plumbing fittings made simple.

The RTM fittings’ audible ‘click’ upon making the connection gives a positive response that ensures the joint is secure. Additional comfort can be gained by using the 360° visual inspection window. This allows you to view the pipe and its correct bonding into the pipe fitting to create a watertight finish.

The Benefits of Using Push Fit Connectors

1. Ease of installation: Pipe push fittings are simple to install and require no special tools or expertise. This makes them a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts, repair professionals as well as professional plumbers and contractors who want to save time and reduce labour costs without sacrificing efficiency.

2. Reduced risk of leaks: Push fit fittings create a tight seal between the two pieces of piping or plumbing, reducing the risk of leaks. Unlike other types of connections, such as threaded or soldered connections, push fit connections do not require any additional materials or steps to create a seal. It just needs to click into place to create a watertight seal.

3. Flexibility: Plastic push fit connections can be used with a variety of different materials, including:Copper – Plastic push fit connections are compatible with standard copper pipes and can be incorporated with this existing pipe system without specialized tools. 
  • PVC – Push fit connectors are commonly combined with PVC which are often used in drain and vent lines in residential and commercial plumbing systems.
  • PEX – Push fit connections are designed to integrate with the flexible nature of PEX pipes for a quick and leak-free seal.
  • ABS - Plastic push fit connectors can be used to connect ABS pipes commonly found in vents and drains.

This makes push-to-connect fittings a versatile option for a range of plumbing and piping applications.

4. Reusability: Push fit connections can be easily disconnected and reused, making them a more sustainable and cost-effective option over time.

5. Compatibility with different pressures and temperatures: These fittings are manufactured with materials that can withstand harsh conditions, ensuring they are durable and can perform well under stress. This makes them ideal for use in industries such as plumbing, heating, and cooling systems, where they can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures. Overall, the superior strength and durability of push-to-connect fittings make them a trusted choice for many applications.

Different Types of Uponor’s RTM Technology Adapters

Application areas

  • New build projects, Renovation projects and Service repairs
  • Installations in hard-to-access spaces
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Potable and Heating water connections
  • No tool dependence


  • 16-25mm MLCP Range
  • 10 Bar Pressure Rating
  • Wide range of fittings including Tees, Elbows and Thread Connections.
  • 360° Visual inspection window
  • Visible and audible indicator of a secure connection
  • Colour indicators to easily identify the fitting size
  • Hot and cold water
  • Safe, quick and professional joints thanks to the joint indicator

See how to connect an RTM fitting

Check out our video that shows how easy an RTM fitting can be used

Benefits of the RTM System

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RTM Technology

RTM Technology

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