We recognize our responsibility to be a good corporate citizen and to create a positive impact in society. Striving to advance sustainability, health, and safety in the built environment through our actions and contributions, we work with charitable organizations supporting such causes as affordable housing, and accessibility to clean water and sanitation.

We have established partnerships across our value chain to maximize the impact we, as a collective, have. In addition to building long-term collaboration with local partners to support local communities, we actively look into opportunities outside of our operating areas, where we can help with our industry expertise. 

Giving back to communities we operate in

We are supporting the Joyeux initiative in France which focuses on training people with cognitive disabilities to employment.

Since 2016 we have collaborated with Habitat for Humanity to help build shelters and homes, and plumbing solutions across the US.
Additionally, we have partnered up with International Water Sanitation and Hygiene Foundation (IWSH) where we contribute towards their mission to ensure as many people as possible have access to clean, safe water and plumbing systems.

People first unsung heroes

Promoting water security in India

Joining forces with the Indian Raah Foundation, we help bring consistent access to clean water to rural villages suffering from water scarcity.

While experiencing some of the highest rainfalls during the monsoon season in the country, the mountainous landscape of Maharashtra has no structures to store the precious resource resulting in severe water security issues. Constructing and rebuilding wells in these regions not only ensure access to safer drinking water but also allows local women and children to use the time saved from getting water from far away to improve other aspects of their lives.