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Sporting aims - also in living

At Villa Neureuther in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, everything is geared towards comfort, and the quality is right down to the last detail.

In Villa Neureuther in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, everything is geared towards comfort, and the quality is right down to the last detail. This also applies to the underfloor heating and cooling as well as the drinking water installation. Here ski stars Miriam and Felix Neureuther rely on systems from Uponor.

In the disciplines of slalom and giant slalom, Felix Neureuther is probably nobody's equal: the son of sports legends Rosi Mittermaier and Christian Neureuther was already skiing at the age of two. With 13 World Cup victories, 47 podium places and five World Cup medals, he has become a skiing legend himself. His wife Miriam also looks back on a very successful sports career in cross-country skiing and biathlon. The young family set the same high standards for their new home in Garmisch-Partenkirchen as they did for their sport. The location right next to their parents' house is a statement: the Neureuthers are grounded family people.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
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Focus on sustainability

The house is completely designed for sustainability. This is evident, firstly, in the choice of building materials: the upper floor with large window fronts is a wooden construction that rests on the solid masonry walls of the first floor. Secondly, in the energy concept: thanks to ice storage, a heat pump, a solar system and an electricity storage system, the house is completely self-sufficient in terms of energy. Not only in the visible area, but also under the surfaces, the quality should be right down to the smallest detail - this was important to the owners. Consequently, the choice fell on products from Uponor: the underfloor heating and cooling system Uponor Klett and the drinking water installation with Uni Pipe PLUS.

Warm feet all over the house

The name sums it up: The Uponor Klett system is as easy to install as a Velcro fastener is to close. The principle is also similar: The underfloor heating pipes are wrapped in a spiral with a Velcro strip ex works. The matching adhesive foil is laminated onto the insulation board on the floor. The pipes now only have to be unrolled and pressed onto the insulation board at the calculated distance. The Velcro tape then interlocks with the adhesive film, and the pipes are fixed in place. Even if they subsequently disappear into the screed and are no longer visible, they still very noticeably ensure comfortable temperatures in the house during the cold months. In the summer months Uponor Klett is used as floor cooling and lowers the room temperature on hot days.

Water, march!

The drinking water flows throughout the house through the Uni Pipe PLUS multilayer pipes - from the house connection to the individual tapping points. This system is also particularly uncomplicated to install. The five-layer pipes do not require any welding wires and have up to 40% tighter bending radii than conventional multilayer pipes. Well thought-out system accessories ensure fast installation for every task. However, the advantages in terms of hygiene are particularly important for the occupants of the house: All materials comply with the current drinking water regulations. In addition, the systems from Uponor are very durable - so the Neureuther family will enjoy their choice of building technology for a long time to come.

Sporting aims - also in living

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