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Green Land in Amman, Jordan, Amman, Jordan

Green Land in Amman, Jordan

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Amman, Jordan
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Поверхневе опалення/охолодження, Металопластикові системи (труби та комлектуючі), Система гнучких труб для водопостачання та радіаторного опалення
Рік завершення будівництва: 2008

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Uponor PE-Xa system installation in prestigious residential project Green Land in Jordan, Amman. In June 2007 the Al Kurdi Group in Jordan, Amman, signed an agreement with the Arab Technical Group ATG to supply its prestigious residential project Green Land with pipes, pumps, controls, cabinets, boilers, burners, radiators and accessories.

Uponor PE-Xa will be responsible for the underfloor heating, tap water system and radiator connections, worth 800,000 EUR. The classy bathrooms will feature sanitary furnishings from Villeroy & Boch, Hans Grohe and Chappee, while fine Italian marble will be used for the salons. ATG is the pioneering supplier for underfloor heating systems in Jordan and brought Uponor Wirsbo into the country.

Between ATG and Uponor, formerly Wirsbo, exits a for both parties very successful partnership since 1979. Since then ATG has used Uponor PE-Xa pipes in thousands of projects, including mansions, villas, universities, hospitals, malls, compounds, and others. The Kurdi Group, a fully integrated, diversified industry leader provides modern real estate solutions for an intelligent lifestyle. This attitude and workmanship is carried into Green Land, a residential real estate area that is to provide paramount quality.

Green Land embraces a total land area of 1,100,000 m2 and is set against a background of green trees, organised streets and trade shops, located in Marj al-Hamam, a quiet area that enjoys clean air and a convenient distance from the capital, Amman.

The first phase of the project comprises 448 exquisite villas and 10 general buildings and covers a land area of 400,000 m2. Uponor PE-Xa deliveries are scheduled from midsummer 2007 on and consist of 1 million metres PE-Xa pipes dimension 16 - 32 mm.

Green Land boasts luxurious residential designs supported by the main services and entertainment facilities that satisfy all tastes at suitable and competitive prices and includes among others not only sport areas, public parks, a mosque, swimming pools, health club and a horse-riding court, but also restaurants, cinemas, laundry service, kindergarten and catering & house keeping centres. The time allowed for the completion of phase one is three years, after which phase 2 will be started covering an area of  700,000 m2.

Green Land in Amman, Jordan


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Arab Technical Group
P.O. Box: 830450 Amman – 11183

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