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The plumbing renovation of a single-family house was completed in less than two days, Lahti, Finland

The plumbing renovation of a single-family house was completed in less than two days

A single-family house built in 1982 in Lahti underwent water supply renovation in May 2016.

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Lahti, Finland
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Рік завершення будівництва: 2016

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The decision was made because the house was 34 years old and its original copper pipes had never been changed.  ”When my parents had their house renovated in January and gave it a 10+, we decided to get along with it,” says the property owner. ”I had thought about it for a long time and now that it's finally done, it's a big weight off my shoulders. And what a waste of time thinking about it for as long as I did!”

The residents of the house were surprised by the speed of the renovation, which also turned out to be relatively cheap. The water supply renovation of the about 150m2 wooden house cost EUR 3,800. When the tax credit for domestic help or household expenses is taken into account for the installation, the actual price was slightly less than EUR 3,000.  The renovation was completed in less than two days. The first day was dedicated to preliminary preparations, i.e. moving furniture and drilling pass-throughs. On the second day, the pipes were installed in place. ”The plumbers said it wouldn't take long, but I had my doubts. It turned out to be true,” says the delighted owner with a smile.

Local contractor


Lahti-based HVAC contractors Jyrki Kourunen from LVI-Putkilinkki and Juha Lehti from JL-Putki have performed hundreds of plumbing renovations in the Lahti region. They both trust Uponor's composite pipe system, which is well-tested and of high quality. ”Some of the original pipes in the house were made of plastic and were encased in a protective sheathing. Therefore, we had to change them by threading the new pipes into the old protective sheathings,” says Jyrki Kourunen. ”Most of the pipes, however, were surface mounted. Chromium-coloured and white composite pipes were used in the bathroom and elsewhere, respectively.” The lady of the house had doubts about the pipes going to the shower wall surface, but once the installation was completed, she was delighted with the end result. ”Just like they belonged to the shower set,” said the lady. ”It looks great!”

Discount on insurance premiums


The end of the renovation brought an additional pleasant surprise to the residents insofar as the insurance company rewarded them for the plumbing renovation with a 15% discount on the insurance premiums for the house for five years. ”Due to age reductions, we wouldn't even have received any damage compensation for the old pipes should they have broken down,” states the lady. ”Now there are no age reductions and the insurance premiums are lower.” Most insurance companies grant discounts to those who have carried out a plumbing renovation. For more information, please contact your insurance company.

The plumbing renovation of a single-family house was completed in less than two days


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LVI-Putkilinkki, JL-putki

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