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Radon renovation – a one day job, Hollola, Finland

Radon renovation – a one day job

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Hollola, Finland
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Рік завершення будівництва: 2012

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Hollola has high radon concentration

Saarinen had previous experience with radon. He had done a radon renovation in his former house too.  Measuring the current house´s radon concentration was obvious. The result of measuring was 900 Bq/m3 so he decided to execute the renovation.  The measurement was carried by contractor´s measuring equipments. They measured radon concentration of the house in two days.

From idea to action

The measurement was done in winter 2010 and the Uponor radon renovation package was installed in September 2012. Saarinen says that the renovation should have been done earlier. “However, there was not available anything so easy and simple solution as this.  During the installation of Uponor radon renovation package, it is not needed to make penetrations through the foundation wall or break the inner surfaces of the house. Installation takes less than a full day." Saarinen expects the radon concentrations of the house to decrease under 200 becquerels per cubic meter of air. More detailed results can be obtained in the winter when indoor radon concentrations are usually the highest.

Reliable system

Contractor Kepe Oy installed the Uponor radon renovation package in Saarinen´s house. Tommi Kemppainen from Kepe told that the installation went exactly according to plan. Kepe Oy has also previous experience of installing Uponor radon packages. The solution has proved to be very effective.  After the installation radon concentrations are generally always less than 200 becquerels per cubic meter of air. In only one place they have needed to move the place of the chamber later. Contractor's point of view, the package is also very convenient to install.

People think the radon renovation is time consuming and expensive.

The installation was also monitored by Ari Myllylä from Hollola´s construction supervision. Myllylä said that the radon problem is well known in Hollola´s construction supervision. Residents though do not necessarily know enough about the problem. Hollola´s construction authorities inform people about the dangers of radon on its website and also in training sessions held in Hollola municipal office. Resident´s questions are also always answered.

According to Myllylä people´s interest concerning radon goes in waves. When the issue is widely discussed in the media people are asking about it a lot. In times when the issue is not in the news people tend to forget it. “People seem to think radon renovating is time consuming and expensive, even if that´s not necessary the case. Says Myllylä. Building permit is not required in Finland when making radon renovation.

Myllylä himself does not have any direct experience of this kind of radon renovation. “I have come across radon renovations where you need to make substantial construction work inside the house. For example dig a big hole under the house. Uponor radon renovation package which is installed outside the house is much more convenient and easier solution.”

Radon renovation – a one day job


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Kepe Oy

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