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50 years and still in love

Uponor PEX pipes

Durable, versatile and innovative

In 1972, Uponor PEX pipes were the first cross-linked polyethylene pipes to hit the market. They marked a real turning point for the entire construction industry. Over the past 50 years, these durable and corrosion-resistant pipes have proven their flexibility and enormous versatility. A technology designed to last a lifetime and more.

50 years of PEXcellence

The past, present and future of an extraordinary plumbing product


Uponor PEX pipes were first manufactured in Virsbo, Sweden


The first underfloor heating with Uponor PEX pipes entered the market


The launch of the first Uponor PEX pipe with an oxygen diffusion barrier for heating applications


Uponor invented Quick & Easy fittings, revolutionizing the installation of Uponor PEX pipes


Uponor developed Klett Comfort technology, fastening the installation of underfloor heating


Uponor introduced PEX Pipes Blue, the first bio-based PEX pipes on the market

50 years and still…

How far would Uponor PEX pipes go...?

Over the past 50 years, more than 6 billion metres of Uponor PEX pipes have been installed worldwide. A figure that is almost inconceivable for most of us.
But if you were to lay down all Uponor PEX pipes installed worldwide, they would reach to the moon and back 8 times!

This is just the beginning. Here’s to a bright future of continuing to build a better tomorrow.

Where Uponor PEX pipes are in use