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Sustainable stormwater management

Protect what you love

Uponor Stormwise is a stormwater management solution that helps designers and water network professionals to design sustainable projects to prevent flooding and pollution of water sources.

The increasing rainfall and heavier storms are putting our cities at risk of floods. Uncontrolled runoffs can damage the neighbourhoods and contaminate our water reservoirs.

Uponor Stormwise makes it easier to protect what you love.

Extensive product offering

Uponor has the most complete assortment of stormwater products, both standard and custom-made, to suit every specific need.

Sourcing all the needed products from one supplier improves cost efficiency and guarantees they all fit and work together.

Expert advice

Need a second opinion? Nordics’ most trusted experts can help urban designers and water network professionals to solve any challenge in stormwater projects.

With 40+ years of combined expertise, Uponor stormwater experts support with consultancy, design, dimensioning, and installation services.

Online self-service tools

A suite of tools to make design process easy.

Storm Adviser – Ideal at project’s early stages. Providing initial solution recommendations.
Product Catalogue – Provides specific technical information when designing a project.
Chamber Adviser – Helps to verify design consistency before finalising.

A comprehensive product offering

To design and deliver your stormwater project, Uponor has a wide variety of different types of components for a complete stormwater solution. Components that all are compatible with each other. 

A big part of the stormwater solution can be delivered by standard products, products that are available in our stock and ready to go.

In case, there is a need for more unique products, custom-made products can be designed and manufactured according to specifications. Uponor's tailor-made solutions cover both stormwater quantity and quality management solutions.
Uponor Stormwater product offering

Expert advice

In case you need a second opinion, Uponor's stormwater experts can help you to solve any challenge in stormwater projects. They can help you plan stormwater solutions thoroughly that fit the purpose and the budget, you have. 

40+ years of combined expertise in desinging and building stormwater products proves that our experts have the knowledge and technolgy to provide solutions that last. 

Infra 360 project services can carry any stormwater project from beginning to the end, no matter how big or complex it is.
Uponor Expert Advice

Contact our stormwater expert

Rickard Granath

Stormwater Solution Manager

Online self-service tools

To support the stormwater design process, we provide you with a suite of online self-service tools for each design process step. 

Storm Adviser
Storm Adviser is an ideal tool in the project’s early stages. The tool provides initial solution recommendations for the project at hand.
Try Storm Adviser.

Product Catalogue
For specific product detail information about different stormwater solutions and products. Uponor's Product Catalogue provides detailed product information and documentation for each stormwater product.

Chamber Adviser
When you have completed the design, you can verify chamber designs' consistency before delivering the project plan to your customer. 
Verify your chamber design.
Online self service tools - Uponor Stormwise