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IQ Blue stormwater pipe

IQ Blue - the first sustainable stormwater pipe with up to 70% CO2 reduction

IQ Blue is the first sustainable plastic stormwater pipe with up to 70% carbon footprint reduction. The reduction is achieved thanks to its pipe composition of over 50% of raw material coming from certified renewable feedstock. Feedstock that is unsuitable for human consumption and traceable back to the first collection points.

ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certified factories in Nastola, Finland, and Fristad, Sweden are manufacturing the IQ Blue pipes using the mass balance model. When delivering IQ Blue pipes, you will receive a certification about the amount of renewable raw material in the delivered IQ Blue pipes.

With full data transparency and independent 3rd party verifications, you can be sure that you have made the best choice for today and tomorrow. IQ Blue pipes have an EPD certification that reports IQ Blue pipe's environmental impact for the entire life cycle.

IQ Blue stormwater pipe meets the same standards, requirements, and performance as standard IQ pipes providing a design life of over 100 years.

Up to 70 % reduction of carbon footprint

IQ Blue stormwater pipes reduces carbon footprint up to 70% which helps you to achieve your environmental and carbon footprint reduction goals.

Over 50% renewable raw material

IQ Blue stormwater pipe composition includes over 50% renewable raw material from feedstock that is not suitable for human consumption and that is traceable back to its collecting point.

Service life over 100 years

With IQ Blue stormwater pipes you can create a reliable and sustainable system which has designed service life over 100 years.

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