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Dutch National Military Museum,

Dutch National Military Museum

Located on the former Soesterberg military airbase, directly adjacent to the former landing strip, the Dutch National Military Museum is being built.

Soesterberg, Netherlands
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Radiant Heating & Cooling
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New building

The museum site is roughly 45 hectares. Given the special location of the site in the heart of Utrechtse Heuvelrug, specific focus was given to the conservation and development of natural assets. The large museum complex can be found in the middle of the grounds. As well as the main building, the area also houses a depot and a couple of warehouses that, among other things, accommodate other exhibits used for demonstrations. The grounds are home to a memorial square and a quiet garden that provide space for remembrance and reflection. Further on, there is a monument with an important historical value - it is the oldest building in the Netherlands with a link to military aviation. The wooden building and its tower are currently being fully restored to their original state. The large surrounding outdoor area provides space for events.

From the end of 2014, the Netherlands’ new National Military Museum will bring together the collections of the Army Museum in Delft and the Military Aviation Museum in Soesterberg. The need for the best possible indoor environment at the museum is enormous. While the conditions in which age-old museum pieces are stored is essential, a pleasant indoor environment is also important to visitors. The museum complex is thus equipped with a range of sustainable technologies, including concrete core activation. Fitting Uponor industrial underfloor heating on the ground floor and a TAB Omegaprofiel on the first floor makes a major contribution to creating an optimum indoor environment.  

Dutch National Military Museum

National Militair Museum b
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