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Thermal Šírava hotel,

4-star Hotel Thermal Šírava

Building a unique hotel with geothermal water.
The investor decided to build a 4-star hotel primarily for visitors to the Thermal Park in Kaluža, where they offer relaxing and relaxing stays. The uniqueness of the building lies in the use of geothermal water from wells, which has beneficial effects on the human body. The first mentions of the miraculous healing water date back to 1336. In the legends, it is said that in the winter a servant discovered a thin spring of water, which didn't freeze and even cold. Perhaps that is also why the village in which the building is located is called Kaluža.

Kaluža, Slovakia
Floor space
1,800 m2
Building Type
Product system
Radiant Heating & Cooling, Multilayer Pipe Systems
Number of floors
Kaluža 656, 072 36 Kaluža
Project Type
New building

Building a unique hotel with geothermal water

Thermal comfort is especially important in hotels. It affects us and yet it cannot be precisely identified. Sometimes we feel comfortable in the interior space, and at other times we can perceive that something is disturbing us. Therefore, the investor's choice was clear: underfloor heating - systems that adapt to the individual requirements of each space.
He therefore had a floor heating system installed in the majority of the hotelUponor Tacker, which is designed to increase functionality, safety and ease of installation. The flexible pipe can be adapted to all room layouts and ensures long-term pleasant heat distribution. All components are designed to ensure optimal safety and reliable operation.
You can also find the system in the hotelUponor Minitec, which boasts a low height and a short rise time. The investor was impressed with only a 3-day installation process (this system, including installation on the floor, is completely completed in 3 days and ready to walk after only 34 hours) and the extended warranty that we provide for the system within the framework of Slovak regulations, because we simply trust it. Rely on it too!

Thermal Šírava hotel

Thermal Šírava hotel
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