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Uponor International Sales
Industriestrasse 56, 97437 Hassfurt, Germany
Uponor Infra 360TM Project Services

Technical support

Creative support for the entire process

The Technical Support service provides access to online support, training, handbooks, manuals, analyses and tests. Technical Support also often plays an active part in the development of projects. In addition to our specialist expertise within plastic pipes and related products, we have extensive skills and experience within other vital aspects of underground infrastructure projects. Our modern laboratories can simulate how a proposed solution will actually work under the influence of such factors as pressure, sunlight and chemicals. That means risk is minimised and we can find the best solution for each project.

At your service in every project

There are underground projects that cannot be solved using standard applications. Our dedicated team of engineers is here to help you. They are highly-skilled designers and craftsmen able to build every conceivable type of unique solution based on your requirements. Whether you need help in designing, project management or just an expert consultation, we are here to help.

Design and calculation

Aleksandra will provide support during the design, because correct calculations and dimensioning are crucial for the project.

Tailor-made products

Bartłomiej will ensure that our solutions are tailored to your needs, significantly reducing the installation time on the construction site.

Field services

Butt-fusion or extrusion welding of pipes and laying them in various conditions require specialist skills. Paweł can do it!

Project management

Agnieszka - our project sales coordinator will take care of everything, ensuring the economy of activities and the highest quality.


Do you have problems, questions or doubts? Contact us! Together with Karolina we will find the optimal solution for you.