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Uponor Infra 360TM Project Services


Comprehensive solutions for infrastructure and industrial projects

There is no set way of solving each and every infrastructure or industrial challenge. Each situation deserves an optimized solution.  Each challenge demands local know-how. But they also require innovative insight and thinking as well as a proven track record for executing ground breaking solutions in a timely manner.

Uponor Infra 360TM provides you with all the expertise required, a century of experience and the reliability of the most capable manufacturer to produce and implement the solutions in an integrated, well-coordinated process. Solutions that take into account all your specific needs, requirements, operating conditions and future developments – regardless of the scope and scale of the job at hand. An optimized holistic solution devised, designed and installed in a timely and efficient manner.
Uponor Infra 360 Installationsservice

With Uponor Infra 360TM Project Services, you get:

  • A team of specialists experienced in managing complex infrastructure projects
  • Access to highly specialized teams in various areas of knowledge, such as custom-made projects, unusual installations, project management or efficient production processes
  • The feeling of certainty that the solution provided by Uponor meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency
  • A ready-made solution that has been developed and delivered from start to finish especially for you - and only for you

At your service in every project

There are underground projects that cannot be solved using standard applications. Our dedicated team of engineers is here to help you. They are highly-skilled designers and craftsmen able to build every conceivable type of unique solution based on your requirements. Whether you need help in designing, project management or just an expert consultation, we are here to help.

Design and calculation

Aleksandra will provide support during the design, because correct calculations and dimensioning are crucial for the project.

Tailor-made products

Bartłomiej will ensure that our solutions are tailored to your needs, significantly reducing the installation time on the construction site.

Field services

Butt-fusion or extrusion welding of pipes and laying them in various conditions require specialist skills. Paweł can do it!

Project management

Agnieszka - our project sales coordinator will take care of everything, ensuring the economy of activities and the highest quality.

Technical support

Paweł will conduct training and technical consultations in the selection of solutions at the design and task implementation stage.


Do you have problems, questions or doubts? Contact us! Together with Karolina we will find the optimal solution for you.

Unique infraculvert in Linköping

All elements of underground infrastructure are concentrated in one location in the 2.2 km long Vallastaden Infraculvert. It houses pipes for 'inframedia' such as drinking water, sewage, district heating, district cooling, electricity, fibre and automated vacuum collection.

Construction of an emergency collector for the "Czajka" treatment plant

When in 2020, in Warsaw, there was another failure of the system transporting sewage to the "Czajka" treatment plant, Uponor Infra, as a contractor, built an emergency pipeline at an express pace (it produced, delivered and connected the pipes that were laid on the pontoon bridge). The construction of the two pipelines went quickly and efficiently, and the new transmission system took over the tasks of the damaged GRP collector almost immediately after completion of assembly.

Uponor Infra 360 solutions


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