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Stormwater solutions

Designed to work. Designed to function. Designed to last.

Storm water consists of rainwater, meltwater and foundation drain water that flows and is directed off various surfaces. Urban environments offer only limited opportunities for water to run off naturally. Managing storm water is becoming an increasingly important factor in urban design as the volume of rainwater grows and spring floods and heavy rains increase in intensity.
Uponor Infra 360 design to last desing to work design to function
There is no set way of solving each and every storm water challenge. Each situation deserves an optimized solution.  Each challenge demands local know-how. But they also require innovative insight and thinking as well as a proven track record for executing ground breaking solutions in a timely manner.

Uponor Infra 360TM takes into account the full picture: storm water systems that anticipate future civil engineering challenges, respect the environment and facilitate the work of installation technicians. And provides the comprehensive solution: from initial planning through costing, customized manufacturing, building and installing. From pipes and connections to safe and managed chambers, cassettes, tunnels and tanks – regardless of the scope of the project at hand.

Get the benefit and convenience of integrated Uponor Infra 360TM cooperative partnership – with one contact throughout the project, the highest possible quality and optimal cost efficiency. One project to manage from contacts and deadlines to analyses and evaluations.
Uponor Infra 360 solutions
Uponor Infra 360 at your service

Uponor Infra 360TM offers:

  • Engineering of fit-for-purpose solutions
    • Dimensioning and Case studies
    • Calculations and simulations
    • Designs and drawings
    • Method statements
  • Total pipe delivery incl. prefabricated products according to customer needs
  • Technical support throughout the whole project
  • On-site installation and welding services
  • On-site supervision
  • Turnkey solutions for total piping project incl. all of the above with highly specialized team
  • Cooperative partnership with one contact throughout the entire project

At your service in every project

There are also other underground projects that cannot be solved using standard applications. Our dedicated team of engineers is here to help you. They are highly-skilled designers and craftsmen able to build every conceivable type of unique solution based on your requirements. Whether you need help in designing, project management or just an expert consultation, we are here to help.

Tailor-made products

Customised solutions shorten installation time significantly.

Field services

Welded pipes destined to lie on the sea bed or pipes laid in other extreme environments require specialist skills.

Project management

We provide a Project Manager to handle everything for your convenience, cost-effectiveness and to ensure the highest quality.

Technical support

The Technical Support service provides access to online support, training, handbooks, manuals, analyses and tests.


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Design and calculation

Calculations, estimates and dimensioning play a major role in the long-term success of a project.

Stormwater runoff causes no worries at the new Children’s Hospital

The custom-made Weholite stormwater attenuation tank donated by Uponor will manage the stormwater runoff at the new Children’s Hospital to be built in Helsinki, Finland, before it is discharged into the municipal network. The tank was delivered to the site ready for installation and was installed in just a couple of hours.