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Uponor Infra has more than 60 years of experience in developing and manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings for water supplystorm watersewer municipal as well as for drainage. Renovation with Uponor Infra systems are among the most reliable technologies on the market. Characterized by the highest quality and exceptional durability, our products are known worldwide for their reliability, in even the most severe operating conditions. They are used in the construction of industrial underground infrastructure. Uponor Infra solutions contribute to a safe, healthy and comfortable lifestyle, remaining in harmony with the natural environment.

Potable Water

High-quality pressurised pipes for potable water distribution.

Pipeline Renovation

Renovation without significant disruption to traffic and the environment.

Retention Systems

Simple solutions for excess storm water.

Industry Solutions

Safe and reliable solutions for extremely difficult and unstable operating conditions.

Sewer Municipal

Reliable, plastic solution for sewage gravity systems.


Multi-purpose polyethylene tanks for water, sewage and other liquids.

Uponor Infra Project Services

We see the impossible as a challenge.