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Sewer municipal

Universal systems of pipes and fitting for sewer applications

The manufacture of plastic pipes in the '50s was a major breakthrough in water-supply and sewerage engineering. Due to their incredible properties, polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) enabled the production of best-quality pipes which were free of flaws typical for older traditional technologies (concrete, steel, clay).

Uponor Infra offers polyethylene and polypropylene systems of pipes, fittings, and tanks enable to build a complete gravity system with diameters ranging from 110 to 3000 mm!
Exceptional durability, corrosion and chemical resistance, and perfect quality are the greatest advantages of Uponor Infra systems. Having been used in hundreds of projects all over Poland, Uponor Infra sewerage piping solutions have gained a strong reputation of being reliable, easy to lay and unfailing in service.
  • Weholite (PE i PP) constitute an optimum solution for the majority of projects connected with gravity sewers. Pipes are produced in a wide range of diameters from 300 to 3000mm and ring stiffness from SN2 to SN16. The system consists of fittings, manholes, chambers and tanks.
  • WehoTripla (PP) is a complementary to Weholite system. Pipes are produced in diameters range from 110 to 400 mm and ring stiffness from SN8 to SN16. The system also includes a set of fittings, manholes and chambers.
  • VipLiner (PE) modules for the construction of sewage systems, produced in diameters range from 90 to 630 mm and ring stiffness SN8.

Gravity systems

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Product catalogue 2023

Product catalogue 2023

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Sanitary and combined sewage systems

Manholes and chambers

Uponor Infra is a manufacturer of an exceptionally wide range of standard manholes, chambers and a practically unlimited range of custom ones.

Sewer tanks

One of the most typical products manufactured by Uponor Infra is universal polyethylene tanks.

Pumping stations

The enclosures of the pumping stations and fittings offered by Uponor Infra supplement sewage chamber and manhole system.

Grease separators

Grease separators are dedicated to treat municipal sewage in respect to fats produced at the bars, restaurants, catering facilities, food and meat processing plants etc.

Support for customised solutions

Do you need a tailor made product, or a turnkey solutions on a global scale? We offer full support within: design & calculations, tailor made products, field services, technical support and project management.