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Water supply and pressure systems

PE pipes are the optimal solution for pressure transportation of potable water and sewage

WehoPipe is a universal system of solid-wall pipes and fittings made of polyethylene (PE), which are used for creating new and renovating old water supply and sewage pipelines as well as for technological and industrial projects. Polyethylene (PE) pipes have been used all over the world for 60 years. Our corporation was one of the first manufacturers of plastic pipes. Our experience shows that PE pipes are the optimal solution for pressure transportation of water and sewage, since their durability is estimated for approximately a hundred years. 

PE pipes are resistant to the majority of chemical compounds that cause corrosion and deterioration. What is more, they are also flexible and – due to their natural bending radius – they may be laid following the trail of the road without the necessity of using expensive fittings. Their low weight helps cut the costs of transportation and installation. 
 The polyethylene WehoPipe pipes easily adjust to the dynamic surroundings and may be applied in mining damage areas (up to level 4). Their exceptional resistance to abrasion has been confirmed in the Darmstadt test, which means they are ideal for hydro-transporting of sand, brine and pit sludge. In the production process of pipes Uponor Infra uses best quality raw materials that comply with international standards and Polish regulations.
Pressure systems Uponor Infra

Advantages of WehoPipe and WehoPipe RC/RC+

  • The best solution in the market for transportation of drinking water without decline of its quality
  • Long-term and unfailing operation
  • Welded joints guarantee materially homogeneous and leak-free pipelines
  • The possibility to lay the pipes without fittings following the trail of the trench
  • Corrosion, deposit and scale resistant
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Non-toxic and highly resistant to chemicals including ground-penetrating oil-based substances
  • For RC pipes - laying without sand bedding and sand surround material (higher resistance to cracks and spot pressure)

PE-HD technology to save Vistula

PE-HD technology allowed for a quick and efficient construction of a temporary pipeline on a pontoon bridge. The need to build this atypical bypass arose as a result of the failure of the GRP collector, which is part of the sewage transfer system to the "Czajka" sewage treatment plant. Thanks to the properties of polyethylene pipes, such as low weight, flexibility and easy handling of installation, the pipeline was put into operation less than 2 weeks after deliveries to the construction site.

More information on PE pipes

Product catalogue 2023

Product catalogue 2023

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Hygienic certificates

Pressure systems Uponor Infra Czajka

Pressure pipeline to "Czajka" treatment plant on pontoon bridge ❯

Uponor Infra delivered two 1100-meter sections of PE pipes with a diameter of 1000 mm to the construction site. Part of the pipeline (about 250 m in total) was laid on a pontoon bridge built by the military.
Pressure collector for sewage treatment plant

Pressure collector for sewage treatment plant "Południe" ❯

19 kilometers of PE pipes DN1000 and 1400 connected Warsaw with the "Południe" treatment plant and the Vistula. Part of this complicated investment was carried out using the open excavation method, and the entire route under Czerniakowska and Augustówka Streets - using the micortunelling method.
Renovation of water supply pipeline by means of swagelining

Renovation of water supply pipeline by means of swagelining method in Łódź ❯

WehoPipe PE 100 pipes with a diameter of 800 mm were delivered to the construction site in emergency mode (after the withdrawal of pipes from another manufacturer). Pulling the three 200-meter sections in went smoothly.

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