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Industrial pipelines

PE and PP pipelines for extreme operating conditions

PE and PP systems by Uponor Infra are used in many sectors of the industry requiring reliable systems resistant to extremely difficult and unstable operating conditions. Thanks to features such as abrasion resistance, corrosion and chemical resistance they can be used for transport of: water, sewage, chemicals, highly abrasive materials. PE and PP systems are durable, flexible and well adapt to a dynamic environment. The methods of connecting pipelines and fittings (butt fusion welding, extrusion welding) allowing to eliminate the gaskets and guaranteeing the material uniformity of the entire system should be specifically highlighted. This type of connections allows to obtain a uniform system transferring the longitudinal forces. The scope of Uponor Infra products for the industry encompasses the complete system of pipes, fittings, manholes, tanks and special elements.

Advantages of PE and PP systems

  • The highest reliability mong the available technologies
  • Uniformity of connections of pipelines and fittings sections (allowing to resign from the support blocks), guaranteeing the transmission of the axial forces and reliability of the system
  • Broad range of chemical resistance
  • Very high resistance to abrasion
  • Very low and constant absolute roughness coefficient
  • Complete resistance to stray currents,
  • Relatively low installation and operating costs (no need for re-sealing, painting etc.) compared to other technologies
  • Small speed of propagation of a shock wave due to water hammer effect (a few times smaller than for steel, cast iron or GRP)
  • 100% tightness of connections
  • Easy installation irrespective of weather conditions (also in minus temperatures)
  • Complete resistance to UV radiation
  • Very small weight of the pipes compared to traditional materials
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Applications of PE and PP systems

  • Mining (mines, post-production waste dump sites)
  • Energy sector
  • Paper industry
  • Hydrotransport of brine
  • Metallurgical sector
  • Chemical industry
  • Air purification systems

Installation methods

The system offers a broad range of installation methods. The pipelines can be installed on supports, directly on the ground, in the embankments and under big overburden. The systems are also successfully installed by means of the submersion method. The systems are used for renovation of existing pipelines by means of relining, swagelining, cracking methods. The polyethylene pressure pipelines is the material most often selected in the technology of horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

Uponor floating piping system

Support for customised solutions

Do you need a tailor made product, or a turnkey solutions on a global scale? We offer full support within: design & calculations, tailor made products, field services, technical support and project management.