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Achievement reflects Uponor's commitment to sustainability

Uponor achieves Ecovadis gold medal

Uponor has been awarded the Gold level by the EcoVadis Sustainability Rating

“This is the first time Uponor is awarded with the Gold level. This achievement reflects Uponor’s long-standing commitment to sustainability and transparency in its ESG reporting. Our new sustainability agenda, launched in 2022, has given us a new framework with ambitious targets to aim for. The new sustainability agenda is based on where we can make a difference. We are making a commitment to our customers, owners, partners, employees, and society – a promise that we will do our very best to increase our positive impacts, to reduce our environmental footprint, and ensure full transparency on both. I’m very proud of our team effort across the organization which has led to our improved EcoVadis score,” says Thomas Fuhr, Chief Technology Officer at Uponor Corporation.

“Uponor’s scores in both Labour & Human Rights and Sustainable Procurement improved significantly. The Labour & Human Rights section shows the progress in our Health & Safety work and improved reporting on job satisfaction, occupational health care and performance review practices. The Sustainable Procurement rating improved based on the integration of the Supplier Code of Conduct into supply agreements and that Uponor carried out a first initial supplier sustainability risk assessment. However, the Sustainable Procurement section still also contains the greatest need for improvement,” says Ilari Aho, VP of Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs.

Grounded in our strategy, Uponor’s sustainability agenda aims to maximise our positive impact on customers, employees, and society, while minimising our own environmental footprint. Finalised in 2022, the agenda was created together with our customers, Uponorians, and other key stakeholders. In our interviews with stakeholders, the same three topics kept surfacing: climate action, circularity and transparency. We address these three topics in our new sustainability agenda, which includes concrete, measurable targets we aim for.

EcoVadis is a collaborative platform providing sustainability ratings and performance improvement tools for global supply chains. The EcoVadis methodology framework assesses companies’ policies and actions as well as their published reporting related to the environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. The EcoVadis methodology is based on the international sustainability standards of the Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), and ISO 26000.

Why do we need to invest more in drinking water?

In this episode we talk with Magnus Lundin - Business Director, Potable Water Solutions at Uponor.  We discussed the main challenges that we have right now in cities with drinking water and why we should invest more in the water industry. 

What happened in Season 1?

We are starting this season of podcast with a new episode that summarizes all the important and hot topics we discussed during Season 1. The main topics for discussion were city water management, water prices (Is the water too cheap in the Nordics?), how to prevent urban flooding, stormwater management, sustainability, data-driven urban design, and numerous others. If you missed Season 1, this is a perfect opportunity to briefly catch up on all the topics!

Why do we all need to have EPDs for products?

We reached out to Judith Masip Calle, Technical Support Specialist & Sustainability Responsible at Uponor for some answers and more on the subject of EPDs.
There’s no doubt of the importance of sustainability in the construction industry. In the Nordics especially, we are seeing many home and office building initiatives that favour a lower carbon footprint. Indeed, the requirements nowadays are becoming so strict that it is often mandatory to present proof of the carbon footprint reduction that will be made in the product. This proof comes in the form of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). But what exactly are EPDs, and what do their use mean?

INFRA STORIES 4. A new community center in an environmentally sensitive location

The construction of a new community centre in Nastola, Southern Finland was proceeding at a rapid pace. Its new tenants were able to move into the building in early autumn 2021. The installation of the plot’s stormwater system was carried out at a rate that surprised everyone involved in the work. In fact, the site’s new Uponor IQ infiltration and retention pipes were in place within a few days.