We provide our customers with integrated solutions that have the best environmental footprint

We pursue designing solutions with transparent carbon footprint and low operational impact on environment to support our customers in sustainability transition. For us, a sustainable solution also equals to a long service life time, impeccable durability and the highest product quality, which all contribute to helping our customers reaching their own environmental targets. Furthermore, all of our research and development projects have embedded sustainability targets.


Solutions paving the way for net zero

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Underfloor heating with smatrix pulse

Energy efficient underfloor heating and cooling solutions

  • Compatible with renewable energy sources
  • Use of lower temperature for heating compared to radiators by utilizing wide surfaces for heat transmission
  • 40% decrease in primary energy use compared to fan coils
  • 15% reductions of energy consumption in single family homes due to smart controls and auto-balancing

Ecoflex vip

Sustainable solution for the future of energy distribution

  • Pre-insulated pipes with outstanding insulation performance
  • Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) technology offers the lowest lambda value: 0.004 w/mK
  • Up to 60 % reduction in heat loss through VIP technology
  • 20% lower CO2 emissions over the life cycle of the installation
Uponor pex pipe blue

Uponor PEX Pipe Blue

  • Word´s first bio-based PEX pipe*
  • Up to 90% lower CO2 footprint compared to fossil-based PEX pipes
  • Exceptional option to reduce CO2 footprint of buildings
  • Full value chain transparency
  • Same product qualities as conventional Uponor PEX pipes

* with ISCC certification (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification), based on the mass balance approach

Ultra Rib 2 Blue pipe

Sustainable gravity sewer pipe - Ultra Rib 2 Blue

  • Up to 70% lower CO2 emissions
  • Containing over 50% of renewable raw material
  • Production is based on a mass balance approach
  • Same quality and usage characteristics as traditional Ultra Rib 2 pipes
  • Meets double the requirements of Nordic Polymark quality certification
  • Service life expectancy of over 100 years

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Sustainability goes hand in hand with transparency and we want to provide our customers with full transparency to our products’ impact on the environment.
  • EPDs are based on product’s Life Cycle Assessment calculations
  • EPDs help us to optimize our production and supply chain to reach our environmental targets
  • With EPDs you can evaluate and optimize the CO2 footprint of buildings by selecting the most sustainable solutions
  • We aim to cover 90% of our product portfolio with product-specific EPDs by 2027, and the entire product portfolio latest by 2030
Omnitower frankfurt reference

Setting our customers up for sustainability success

Buildings have a fundamental direct and indirect impact on the environment – and to our health and wellbeing – from construction to occupancy and to demolition. Our building solutions have gained recognition in helping our customers to reach the highest levels of Green Building Rating Systems, such as LEED, that identifies healthy building design and green construction, operations and maintenance solutions.

Reference highlights with sustainable Uponor solutions that lead the way

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New heights in Vienna

Vienna’s latest, 136-meters tall, Austro skyscraper is heated and cooled using water from the local Danube Canal. The thermally active building systems (TABS) uses our Contec modules that ensure perfect temperature regulation on each of the 38 floors.This type of heating and cooling is exceptionally energy-efficient and ideal for renewable energy sources. It therefore represents an excellent choice whenever a stringent sustainability standard needs to be met.

Uponor’s products installed
  • LEED Platinum
  • ÖGNI Platinum
Austro Tower Vienna

Zero emissions, maximum comfort

Greenspace PCTG in Asturias is one of the few net-zero office buildings in Spain and a true masterpiece of sustainable construction. The construction followed the rules of circular economy and places energy-efficiency, healthy architecture and low-emission materials at the core. The building has positive energy balance – generating more energy than it uses, and our Thermally Active Building Systems (TABS) offered an important element in minimizing the building’s energy use and creating net-zero heating and cooling.

Uponor’s products installed
  • LEED Gold
Greenspace PCTG Asturias

Sustainably built skyscraper combines work and life

The newest attraction in Frankfurt’s skyline, the OMNITURM, is a modern 45-floor skyscraper combining public space, offices and apartments into one modern, sustainably recognized landmark. Our pre-assembled Heat-Interface Units enabled needs-based heat distribution for each occupant, accommodating all individual desired for ambient temperature. Decentralized heating systems are superior not only in hygienic aspects but also in energy efficiency since they run on lower temperatures.

Uponor’s products installed
  • LEED Platinum
Omnitower frankfurt reference

How we lead the way to a more sustainable future

Our journey towards carbon neutrality

We track and systematically cut our greenhouse gas emissions along our value chain and have defined a clear path and milestones forward.

Sustainable development goals

We are committed to the UNs development goals and have identified four for a meaningful impact.

Sustainable Solutions

We offer solutions that help our customers to reach their environmental targets.