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Blue Lagoon, Iceland,

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is an innovative company in health, wellness and skin care powered by geothermal energy.

Grindavik, Iceland
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Blue Lagoon
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Located in the heart of the Svartsengi Resource Park, Blue Lagoon is significant for the geothermal energy - an increasingly important element in today's world. Its operation is powered one hundred percent by Iceland's clean geothermal energy.

Blue Lagoon which communicates world of healing power, wellness and beauty, is founded on a unique source of geothermal seawater that originates in Iceland's extreme environment.The company has created a distinct concept of products and services either based on Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater's active ingredients - minerals, silica and algae - or the close proximity to the seawater and its raw natural surroundings.Constant developments and strategic growth characterize Blue Lagoon's history. The company is a market leader in the development of health related tourism, both in the area of spa and wellness and in developing medical treatments for psoriasis. It also develops and markets a skin care line based on the geothermal seawater's active ingredients.

The Blue Lagoon

The heart of Blue Lagoon's operation is at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland's most unique and popular attraction. Guests enjoy bathing and relaxing in Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater, known for its positive effects on the skin. A visit to the spa promotes harmony between body, mind and spirit, and enables one to soak away the stresses of modern life. The spa's guests rekindle their relationship with nature, soak up the scenic beauty and enjoy breathing the clean, fresh air.

It is one Iceland’s most visited sites with more than 400.000 visitors annually. The bathing lagoon is 5000 m2. At each time the lagoon holds six million liters of geothermal brine all of which is renewed in 40 hours. Blue Lagoon’s guests actually bathe between two continents as the Euro – Asian and American tectonic plates meet at the Blue Lagoon.

For six consecutive years the Blue Lagoon has been awarded the Blue Flag environmental recognition granted to beaches and marina

Blue Lagoon psoriasis treatment

People with the skin disease psoriasis were among the first ones to experience the medicinal benefits of bathing in Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater, discovering its healing power. Blue Lagoon psoriasis treatment is based on bathing in Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater while its active ingredients: minerals, silica and algae exert their positive effects on the skin. The treatment is unique in the world, natural and without side effects. It is scientifically verified as an effective and important addition to other skin treatment options. A new Clinic for people with psoriasis opened in June 2005.

The Blue Lagoon clinic has been awarded for the following Awards:

Icelandic Art of Building Award, 2007

The Nordic Light Award, 2006

DV - Cultural Award, 2005

The Blue Lagoon Bath also has been nominated on behalf of Iceland to the Mies van der Rohe awards, 2002 and and to the Nordic Light Award, 2002.

All plumbing tap water network and distribution pipe have been equipped with Uponor multi layer pipe system with its unique press fitting system. So the visitors can enjoy warm and cold showers with water coming out reliably from Uponor pipe systems.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

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