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Thermal Bath in Egerszalók,

Thermal Bath in Egerszalók

The real sight of Egerszalók is the thermal well springing in the Southern part of the village, and the travertine hill created by the running water, which became known as the "salt-hill" over the years.

Egerszalók, Hungary
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65-68 °C medicinal water, which is very rich in minerals, is continuously
building the compelling, crenelated white formations. The
calcium-magnesium-hydrogen carbonated medicinal water, which also contains
sodium, and metasilicic acid, has been classified as one of the best in its
category. Over the years the travertine hill became the symbol and trademark of
the area. There are two similar ones in the world to this unique natural
formation in Europe, in Pamukkale, in the Asian part of Turkey, and in Yellowstone
National Park, USA. The first well was drilled in 1961 in searching for oil and
gas, the second drilling was done in 1987. In August 2011, half century
anniversary was celebrated in the framework of the Medicinal Water Feast. After
their sanctification in fall of 2010, the wells were named Mária and Vendel.
The holy picture of Wonder-working Mária is in the catholic church of
Egerszalók, while Saint Vendel is the patron saint of the springs and wells.

The famous bath of
Egerszalók has been renovated with the installation of Uponor systems

The facility has 1,900 m2 of water surface in a total of 17 outside
and inside pools. Sit-bath pools, effervescent bath, fun pools, children's
pools and slides provide an enjoyable pastime for all ranges. In the above
facility, the Uponor pre-insulated piping system, and the Uponor underfloor
heating and water supply systems were installed, which have the advantage of
the cross-linked Pe-Xa supply pipes. Besides the memory effect, the
cross-linked Pe-Xa pipe is highly resistive to the various deposits on the
internal surface of the pipe. This is necessary, since the springing well water
has a very high mineral content, which may deposit quite rapidly in the
traditional systems, risking the safe operation of the systems. The state-of-the-art Uponor supply pipe systems have to meet the
highest requirements for safety, durability, loading capacity and energy
efficiency. Pipelines consist of Pe-Xa operating pipes covered by EVOH layer
against oxygen diffusion, and corrugated protective pipes to provide the
pipeline protection against mechanical damages. The operating pipe is insulated
with multi-layer, non-aging, closed-cell Pe-Xa foam. The utilization of these
can be different by different building types, they are often used in hotels,
office and commercial buildings, in agricultural areas and in residential
houses as well. Besides the heating or cooling medium, these pipes can carry
drinking water, service hot water, food, or even chemicals. By using the
pre-insulated pipeline system made of Uponor Pe-Xa operating pipe, long-term
pipelines can be installed, which can transport the liquids inside and outside
of the building with minimum heat loss. The system provides a complete solution
for heating, cooling, cold and service hot water systems' tasks.

Thermal Bath in Egerszalók

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