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Training field for FC Shakhtar,
Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district near Kyiv,

Training field for FC Shakhtar

Football Club “Shakhtar” renovated training football field.

Uponor is a lead producer of HVAC systems for the different building solutions. But our products applications are not limited indoor climate only.
At the time of “Donbass Arena” construction works in Donetsk, Ukraine, the football field heating was arranged by Uponor pipes. A little bit later the FC “Shakhtar” team was forced to leave this Stadium and there was a need for another training ground. In August 2018, the construction of its own modern training field for FC Shakhtar football players began in Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district near Kyiv.
The general contractor was the specialized company LLC "ENGO", headed by the owner Norbert Zatko, who is known for the construction of sports facilities of this level. The engineering networks made by Pump Service Company – the LLC “ENGO” partner from Czech Republic, which was involved and has already built several similar facilities earlier together with this contractor. The Uponor Meltaway system, which consists of 25 mm diameter pipes, was used to heat the football field lawn. The total length of the pipes is more than 30 km. Due to this it becomes possible to use the football field year round and in any weather.

Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district near Kyiv, Ukraine
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•The soccer field was reconstructed for training needs of FC «Shakhtar»
•The project was designed by ENGO LLC together with Pump Service in cooperation with Uponor engineers
•There are installed Meltaway sport field heating system
•The client chose to build the field heating system for possibility to use the field at any time of year
•The FC Shakhtar is one of the most famous and most popular football club in country
•The field is located near the Kyiv, in Kyiv-Svyatoshinskyi district
•Estimated project budget: € 93 000

Training field for FC Shakhtar

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