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Darius and Girenas Stadium,

Darius and Girėnas Stadium

First stadium in Lithuania to meet UEFA category 4 standards!
Darius and Girėnas Stadium is the first sports arena, to meet UEFA Category 4 standards in Lithuania. The renovation process lasting almost four years is scheduled to be finished in 2022. Recent upgrades will allow sports fans to enjoy competitions and sports events even during the cold and rainy seasons. The area which is equipped with a hybrid coating adapted for use in various weather conditions reaches up to 7,140 m2. More than 33 kilometers of Uponor Pex-a pipes were used to install the system.
During the reconstruction of the stadium, not only the infrastructure for sports activities was renewed, but new, comfortable lodges with a capacity of more than 15 thousand spectators were added as well.

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Perkūno al. 5, Žaliakalnis, Kaunas
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2022.01.29 Reportage from "Statybų Gidas"

Watch the second reportage (2022.02.05) HERE

Certificates: UEFA category 4 certificate.

Location: Ąžuolynas park, Žaliakalnis, Perkūno alley, Kaunas city, Lithuania.

Uponor solutions: Snow and ice melting system Uponor Meltaway.

Darius and Girėnas state stadium was first opened in 1925 and underwent its first major renovation in 1998 when it was upgraded to UEFA regulations of the time. Later on, in 2005 it underwent a major modernization – the biggest television screen in all of the Baltic countries was installed. The latest renovation started in 2018 and is scheduled to be completed in 2022.

Benefits of lawn heating:
  • Heated field can be used all year-‘round – season starts earlier and ends later than on regular stadiums.
  • Protection against ground frostbite – reducing the number of injuries sustained during matches – accident prevention.
  • Fallen snow is melted almost immediately and moisture does not remain on the lawn.
  • Positive effect on the lawn (when operated correctly).
Project information:
  • Field length – 105 m
  • Width – 68 m
  • Whole area –7500 m2
  • Heated area – 7140 m2
Main data of the system installed:
  • 25 cm pitch in the pipe contours
  • Contours are combined using the Tichelmann principle
  • HDPE d200 mm pipes up to Meltaway manifolds
  • Heat carrier with glycol – 40%. Its parameters – 40/30℃

Dariaus ir Girėno Stadionas

Dariaus ir Girėno Stadionas
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