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Turf conditioning at NK Maribor stadium in Slovenia,

Turf conditioning at NK Maribor stadium in Slovenia

For the renovation of the football stadium in Maribor, Slovenia, turf conditioning with Uponor Meltaway system has been used.
The stadium “Ljudski vrt” in Maribor, Slovenia has been built up in the year 1960. The club NK Maribor has a long tradition and has been founded on 19.07.1919. The first game at that time was against Hertha BSC from Berlin, Germany. NK Maribor has played in several leagues and since 1991 they are playing in the first league continuously in Slovenia.

Maribor, Slovenia
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Stadion Ljudski vrt
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Leading national club in Slovenia with long history
The success story of the club reads as follows: 8 times Slovenian champion, 5 times winner of the Slovenian cup. In the year 1999/2000 they played also in the European champions league. In the season 2008/2009 they have also won the Slovenian championship and thus have been qualified for the European champions league.

Renovation to keep with actual standards
This sportive success story made it necessary also to modernize the stadium in the years 2007 and 2008. The grand-stand has been renewed completely including a new roof to make 12,500 seats available. The playing field has been sunked-in and a drainage and irrigation system as well as turf conditioning have been included.

Uponor was the choice for snow and ice melting solution
Uponor has been selected for the turf conditioning and 32.000 m of Uponor Meltaway PEX pipes dim. 25 x 2.3 have been installed. 480 m of HDPE manifold with 160/110 mm diameter and a temperature control system rounded the system up. The fixation of the pipes with clamp tracks and the quick connection system have shortened the installation time. 6 plumbers could finalize everything in less than a weeks time. The snow melting and turf conditioning system from Uponor is a total plastic system without any metal parts under the soil.

The reason for Uponor to be selected has been stated by the local Uponor partner Mr. Vilibald Breglez from the company Indusing d.o.o.: "My long-lasting relation with the investor and the consultant and the support given from the beginning has convinced the investor to go for Uponor solutions".

The Uponor radiant heating system integrated in the ground keeps the playing field free from dangerous ice and snow in winter time. The time-consuming shoveling of snow and damaging of the turf can be avoided completely. An automatic control system heats up only when it is needed - day and night.

Good luck for NK Maribor for the coming seasons which are now not anymore interrupted due to snow and ice on the playing ground in winter time.


Turf conditioning at NK Maribor stadium in Slovenia

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