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Stavanger Concert Hall ,
Stavanger, Rogaland,

Stavanger Concert Hall

The new concert hall is an outstanding building and a new benchmark. Uponor has been involved for the underfloor heating and plumbing system as well as snow melting system for outdoor areas.

September 2012 saw the opening of a fantastic palace of culture, Stavanger Concert Hall, right by the waterfront in Sandvigå bay, in the heart of the oil city of Stavanger. The building was designed by Ratio Arkitekter. The concert hall is made up of two parts: a glass orchestral auditorium and a concrete multi-use arena. This means that the building's two parts are acoustically insulated from each other, making it possible to hold two concerts at the same time. The auditoriums have different designs. The ceilings can be raised and lowered in the auditoriums, and they are fitted with adjustable wall hangings in order to achieve acoustic perfection. The concert auditorium can seat an audience of 1,500, but has a maximum capacity of 1,900. The concert hall also contains a café, restaurant, several bars and a large outdoor amphitheatre.

Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway
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Stavanger Konserthus IKS
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The cost framework for Stavanger Concert Hall: NOK 1.225 million (EUR 153,125,000).
Area: 13,800 m²
Volume: 12,000 m3
Height: 27 m, length 91 m
Capacity: Two auditoriums with a total capacity of 3,400 visitors, as well as the outdoor amphitheatre, with space for an audience of 10,000.
Energy sources: district heating (approx. 40% renewables) The building is heated and cooled using district heating and district cooling from a joint energy centre located in the multistorey car park. Sources of the renewable energy include surplus heat from exhaust heat and the concert hall's cooling system, as well as energy from the outside air. Surplus heat from the sun in the concert hall's double façade is also included in the thermal recycling system and can contribute to the heating of hot consumer water in neighbouring buildings.
Ventilation: mechanical

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Stavanger Concert Hall

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