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LTA Performance Training Centre,
United Kingdom

LTA Performance Training Centre

Lawn Tennis Association Performance Training Centre covers 4000m², with Uponor PEX Underfloor Heating to keep the courts at the facility at an ambient temperature.

Roehampton, United Kingdom
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The Roehampton Country Club is one of London's most exclusive retreats, boasting first class facilities including a golf course in one of the world's most expensive areas of land. The impressive facilities and the close location to the All England club have led to the Lawn Tennis Association to move all of their operations to the Roehampton site, including British Tennis High Performance Training Centre. Uponor Ltd was asked to supply a heating solution to keep the courts at the facility at an ambient temperature making the courts as comfortable as possible for the world class players who use them.

The installation took place over four weeks and incorporated 4,000m² of Uponor's Polyethylene Cross-Linked Pipe or Uponor PEX as it is more commonly known. The PEX pipe was laid within the constructional slab of the building allow the heat to spread evenly and more efficiently throughout the development. Uponor PEX has a full BBA approval (certificate No 05/4235) for its use in underfloor heating, important when laying large amounts of pipe in screed floors. Underfloor heating is extremely gentle on new commercial buildings greatly reducing the risk of cracking that extreme heat can cause.

The environmental ambience created by Uponor's underfloor heating is very similar to that needed for perfect human conditions. Tests have shown that perfect heating comfort comes from providing a warm feet, cool head situation. Whereas conventional heating methods circulate heat around a room and often over the head of the recipients. This makes methods of heating such as radiators extremely inefficient in large spaces. In addition, by having all of the heating in the floor, the useable space of the facility is increased. The PEX material is extremely long lasting and offers a 50 year minimum service life.

LTA Performance Training Centre

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