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Cape Town Stadium, South Africa,
South Africa

Cape Town Stadium, South Africa

Uponor helped set the stage for FIFA World Cup 2010 by equipping one of the semi-final stadiums, the Cape Town Stadium, with Uponor tap water system.

Capetown, South Africa
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Cape Town Stadium
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When the Cape Town Stadium project for the FIFA World Cup 2010 started in 2007, the circular shape of a football stadium was highly problematic for tap water installation. The flexible Uponor PE-Xa pipe system was the perfect solution to this problem. Cost control, the perfect performance and the safety of Uponor pipes were the main arguments in favour of Uponor.

9,300 metres of Uponor pipes throughout the stadium

Uponor has done every kind of tap water installation all over the world. A total amount of 9,300 metres of Uponor PE-Xa pipes has been installed, thereby covering a huge range of dimensions from 16 up to 110 mm size pipes. Also the high advanced Uponor PPSU Quick & Easy fittings have been installed. More than 400 spectator toilets, urinals, players´ changing rooms, bathrooms for VIPs, and water supply for the kiosks in the stadium are supplied with Uponor pipes.

PEX-A outmatches PPR

Originally, the stadium had been planned with PPr pipes. Those pipes did not only run short due to their only recent introduction to South Africa, but even more problematic, was the danger of leaks due to the critical material properties of PPr in combination with the circular shape of the stadium. The pipe connections were under stress and caused leaks, which lead to damage and was time-consuming to repair due to the high welding-efforts. With Uponor´s PE-Xa pipes, these troubles could be completely avoided.

A joint venture became an overall success

The job at the Cape Town Stadium was a cooperation of several partners. WBHO and Murray & Roberts were the main contractors. Uponor’s local partner Afripex assisted the Mechanical consultants WSP-Cape Town with the tap water supply design and layout, as well as with technical on-site support and training. Thus, the stadium could be finalised in early 2010, all sides being pleased with Uponor´s PE Xa tap water system.

Cape Town Stadium, South Africa

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