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Makkah Royal Clock Hotel Tower,
Saudi Arabia

Makkah Royal Clock Hotel Tower

Uponor cooling and MLC plumbing solutions are being used in one of the most exciting projects in the Islamic holy city of Mecca in the Kingdom in Saudi Arabia.

Makkah, Saudi Arabia
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King Abdul Aziz Endowment,
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King Abdul Aziz Endowment project in Makkah is a major commercial and residential complex consisting of seven towers with a floor area of 1,500,000 m². The Abraj Al-Bait Towers also known as the "Mecca Royal Clock Hotel Tower". The Towers will offer visitiors to Makkah the most modern facilities available while respecting the neighbouring Haram.

Uponor plumbing solutions have been installed in the whole building using the multilayer composite pipe system of dimension 16 to 110 mm. The tapwater installation in all the hotel rooms is an important factor as pilgrims have to wash themselves before the praying time starts.

The clock could be seen from all sides and the name of Allah will be inscribed on each of the four clock faces. Two of the clock faces including the inscription will be 80 metres in height and 65 metres in width, and the dial diameter will be 39 metres. The other two clocks will be 65 metres in height and 43 metres in width while their dial diameter will be 25 metres.

On completion the clock tower will be the tallest in the world  taller than the Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science in Poland’s capital city, London’s Big Ben, Rajabai Clock Tower in Mumbai and the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower in Milwaukee, US.

The VIP section which is used from the Royal family for praying has been equipped with Uponor cooling solutions for a comfortable indoor climate.

Uponor's water-based underfloor cooling solutions are silent and invisible with highest comfort. They are the ideally combination for sustainable and green building projects. Uponor's objective is to develop and offer first class and environmentally-friendly systems, which contribute to a constant improvement of the living and working environment.

Makkah Royal Clock Hotel Tower

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