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National Technical Library

Concrete core activation with Contec system and underfloor heating.

Praha 6, Czech Republic
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Technická 6
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The unique technical solution

CONTEC - Concrete core activation BKT

When building NTL Prague became MEP engineering solution from design offices PBA Prague unique not only in the scale of the Czech Republic. BKT system installed for the first time in two-way prestressed concrete, which place a extreme emphasis on the coordination of the construction, because all the pipes to be laid by hand, not a standard modular design. Total installed without a few 50 km pipeline to the total area exceeding 10,000 square meters.

NTL - Underfloor Heating

Equally unique technical solution for the construction has underfloor heating, which was first installed in the Czech Republic with a special layer of asphalt walkway. Due to the thermal insulation structure has been supplied for floor heating system must be chosen tacker system fixation.

National Technical Library

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