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The joint renovation project in Maunula – cost savings through co-operation,
Helsinki ,

The joint renovation project in Maunula – cost savings through co-operation

In the Maunula district of Helsinki, an exquisite joint renovation project is under way. The project, begun in 2012, involves six housing companies. The modernisation of the building technology is being implemented with elements from the Uponor Cefo line, for renovation of water, sewer, and ventilation systems, coming to 1,350 elements in total.

Helsinki , Finland
Art des Projekts

Six housing companies are taking part in the joint renovation project in Maunula. One of the companies, As Oy Säästötuki, was granted ‘Plumbing Renovation of the Year’ distinction for 2011, getting its contract phase completed in April 2011. Most of the properties covered by the renovation project were built in the early ’60s, and the total number of flats in the buildings is 293. The renovation work for As Oy Säästötuki was the pilot for the project management contract that is now being applied for the contract of the main project. The timetable for the contract covers two years, with the project scheduled for completion in autumn 2013.

Development of the renovation method

The development of the joint renovation method was initiated by Maunula-Seura, the home-owners’ association in Maunula. The main question at that time was whether it is possible for housing companies to order plumbing renovation jointly. The housing companies got assistance in joining their forces from the Ministry of the Environment. 

The project in Maunula is directed by a joint renovation committee, for which each housing company nominated two representatives. The joint renovation committee chose the project director (building consultant) on the basis of competitive bidding.

The solution – the Uponor Cefo renovation range 

The renovation will be implemented with products from the Uponor Cefo line: renovation elements for water, sewer, and ventilation systems. The main contractor is NCC Construction Ltd.

The Uponor Cefo renovation line is a modular solution in which the new pipes and building solutions are installed by means of prefabricated elements. Uponor Cefo elements are assembled completely in the factory. The element is composed of a steel corner supporting sewer and water piping enclosed in refractory insulation. Factory pre-fabrication enables substantially shorter renovation work time and significant cost savings in the housing company.

For the ascending lines of the water supply, Uponor composite piping is used, because it is corrosion-resistant, no matter the water’s type or quality. The piping combines the best properties of metal and plastic pipes, which yields the maximum service life.   In the sewer in the elements, Uponor’s plastic drainpipes are used, which combine with the element structure to meet the modern fire-resistance and acoustic requirements.   Replacement of the ventilation ducts also yields benefits over the ducts built in place from construction materials. The new ventilation ducts are easier to dimension and balance than are those laid in place.   Renovation with Uponor Cefo prefabricated elements is not just a modernisation but a complete fundamental improvement of building technology.

The joint renovation project in Maunula – cost savings through co-operation

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