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Full product transparency

Environmental product declarations

Paving the way to greater product transparency

Our customers worldwide are looking for ways to increase their positive impact on the environment. But to make real progress toward a more sustainable construction industry, transparency about the products is required. At Uponor, we are moving this development forward by providing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). These enable especially planners, to calculate the impacts of construction projects and reduce the CO2 footprint of buildings by choosing the most sustainable solution.  

EPD uses life cycle assessment (LCA) to comprehensively evaluate a product´s environmental impact along its entire life cycle
EPD uses life cycle assessment for environmental impact

What are EPDs

  • EPDs are official declarations
  • They contain comprehensive information about our products´ environmental impact
  • EPDs include details of the product’s consumption of raw materials and energy, waste generation, and air, soil and water emissions throughout its life cycle.
  • They follow a strictly determined methodology, the ISO series 14025 standards, and are validated as an official document by a third party.
  • EPDs are based on product’s Life Cycle Assessment calculations


  • EPDs contribute to greater product transparency and traceability in the construction sector
  • They allow comparisons between products that fulfil the same function
  • Companies and our customers can influence the CO2 footprint of buildings and projects by selecting the most sustainable solutions
  • They help us constantly review and reduce the environmental impact of our own production and supply chains

Our goals

  • We aim to cover 90% of our product portfolio with EPDs by 2027
  • We want to cover the entire product range by 2030 at the latest

How we lead the way to a more sustainable future

Moving forward towards net-zero

We track and systematically cut our greenhouse gas emissions along our value chain. We have defined a clear path and set ambitious milestones forward to lead by example and reach net-zero operations by 2040.

Our sustainable water solutions

  • Solutions with low carbon footprint
  • High operational efficiency
  • Renewable or recycled raw materials
  • Guaranteed product-level transparency
Uponor's Environmental Product Declarations

Taking care of our employees

We place people first in everything we do. Our employees is our biggest strength and supporting individual growth is our privilege.

Positive societal impact

We want to give back to the society and the communities we operate it through various global and local initiatives and projects.

Doing business the right way

We ensure transparency on ethical business culture at Uponor and advocate fair and collaboration-based relationships.

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

We have identified 7 essential Development Goals our actions and value truly contribute to.