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UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Seven goals for a meaningful contribution.

Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, are a universal call to action to end poverty and inequality, protect our planet, and ensure that everyone has equal rights to health, justice, and prosperity. While we embrace all of the 17 UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), we have identified seven essential goals to which all of our actions contribute to.

Moving forward towards net-zero

We track and systematically cut our greenhouse gas emissions along our value chain. We have defined a clear path and set ambitious milestones forward to lead by example and reach net-zero operations by 2040.

Taking care of our employees

We place people first in everything we do. Our employees is our biggest strength and supporting individual growth is our privilege.

Positive societal impact

We want to give back to the society and the communities we operate it through various global and local initiatives and projects.

Doing business the right way

We ensure transparency on ethical business culture at Uponor and advocate fair and collaboration-based relationships.