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Uponor Live Talks

Uponor "Live Talks" focussing on industry topics - Watch the recorded sessions

Uponor has kicked off the new digital channel "Uponor Campus" with a series of online "Live Talks" on industry topics in autumn 2021. If you have missed the "Live Talk" enjoy now the 45-minute sessions featuring industry experts from Uponor and partner companies accross Europe in English language at any time convenient for you.

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Live Talk #2: Fit for 55 - how can we decarbonise heating and cooling?

  • Europe’s ambition to become the world’s first climate neutral continent rapidly accelerated this summer with the publication of “Fit for 55”.
  • “Fit for 55” completely rewrites the EU’s existing environmental legislation with an objective to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030. To reach this target, the EU must speed up emission reduction efforts nearly twice as fast as before.
  • One component of “Fit for 55” specifically identifies the role that outdated heating and cooling systems have on the environment. Today, industry has more options than ever when it comes to reducing the environmental footprint from heating and cooling. But with many choices, it can be difficult to know where to start.

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Live Talk #1: Busting common Myths about Heat Interface Units

The first Live Talk has addressed common myths and misconceptions about heat interface units (HIU). International HVAC professionals have explored the topic from different angles based on their experience in various disciplines:
  • Concerns about higher costs
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Energy efficiency and drinking water hygiene and many more
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